Your Spiritual Techniques

Your Spiritual Techniques

Spiritual Techniques are tools to help you to become your own master. With this knowledge you can rule and control your life. Scientific advances are showing the ancients knew years ago that sound is one of the keys to the mysteries of the universe as well as your physical, emotional and spiritual vitality. This revolution was set into motion by pioneering scientists like Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, Niels Bohr. They set out to explore the universe in a completely different way than anybody else had ever done. All over the world scientists have come to the conclusion that the universe is completely interconnected. You are made up of the same fabulous love energy as earth and the universe.

Everyone exchanges information, on a quantum level, with each and every person. The thoughts you project will create your reality. Every thought has a distinct energy flow that manifests itself one way or the other and it can ultimately bring you into a state of unlimited power.

As was stated tones hold the key to the mysteries of the universe and the physical, emotional and spiritual techniques. You can take this creative power of sounds/tones and transform your personal life, bring spiritual answers to any global challenges or heal your body, mind and soul. By combining visualization, affirmation and meditation you can access greater levels of your own inner potential.


1. LOVE:

Unconditional love is the answer to all of life’s challenges. You are here on earth to learn how to love yourself and others. You are here to accept yourself and others completely and without judgment. Some people ask “How can you love someone who is determined to be non-loving?” The answer is; there is a difference between an acceptance of the outer beliefs of a person and an acceptance of their inner essence. Regardless of that person’s outward belief system or whether you agree with it or not, it is the inner essence of the person that you learn to recognize, love and accept. This great truth of unconditional love will heal the world, there is no shortage of its supply. This universe is permeated by and held together by, love, it is something that you must allow to flow through you. Every part of space, every part of matter and every part of your being is filled with this great love. Next time you feel a little down, remember love is in the air.


Affirmations are used to help empower you to move through emotional blockages. These blockages reside in your subconscious mind and can limit your opportunities to experience life to its fullest. Affirmations can help reprogram your subconscious mind in any direction that you consider desirable. Every time you make a mental affirmation, your subconscious hears it and adjusts towards the reality of your statement. The subconscious mind does not filter; it acts on your statements. That is why it is important to feed it positive thoughts about who you are.

Affirm every day “I am filled with love and light.” When you are affirming if any skepticism arises inside you, ignore it. This is the automatic response – resistance to change.

3. The Universe The All:

The Hubble telescope helped to stretch our view of the universe and its size. This great invention has helped us to expand our understanding of the cosmos. Hubble’s longest exposures are like a core sample of the universe, recording galaxies at many different distances. The core samples taken came from distant galaxies, extending from 1 billion to over 10 billion light-years away. As you practice meditation you will begin to sense an inner realization of unity with the energy of the beautiful colors and tones surrounding you. You will sense the truth that you are an Infinite Being. You are the creation and you are the love that holds that creation in manifestation. You will feel closer to the Universe, the All, because you allowed yourself to contact that realization of unity which lies within all things.

4. Separation:

The Old Reality is separation. It has been the theme of consciousness on earth for centuries. We have separated into tribes, countries and empires, raciest, sexes and religions.

You have been separated from your consciousness, your source, focusing it firmly in the external world and away from your light within. Intuition and the inner aspects of the five senses have been largely ignored in order to focus upon the games of life. In the separation you sometimes do not even know who you are as a human race or how you came to be living on this small planet within the vastness of the Universe. This shift does allow the human race to set sail in the direction of integration, where you will find answers to these and many more vital questions.

5. Integration:

The universal theme playing out on earth is shifting from one of separation to one of inner integration. Integration means people are learning how to love themselves and to love others.

Integration invokes a sense of wholeness. An integrated “self” no longer has the opposing parts which foster the inner tensions that promote a lack of self- love and self-acceptance. When you love and accept yourself, then you can unconditionally love and accept others. It is a door opener for the development of your inner sense to connect for all life. Other people then can be seen as simply expressions of the same fundamental Infinite Being. Opposites do still exist in a world of integration the opposite sex, the opposite poles of a battery, the opposite sides of a coin but these all complement each other rather than cause a sense of division.

As your sense of inner integration continues to develop, you will find that your previously separate compartments of consciousness begin to join together. The subconscious, conscious and super conscious minds only have to function separately during times when the issue of separation is being explored. Intuition and conscious telepathy, for example, will become progressively easier to develop. Integration is a viewpoint. With it, you see life as a harmonious and complementary variety of thought, feeling and action. With it, your life constantly unfolds as a true symphony of your own spiritually planned purpose. Life becomes like a meaningful dance, a synchronicity with life.

6. Karma:

Karma is perceived as the boogie man in Eastern philosophy, as the stick that punishes you for doing the wrong thing. Karma is simply reflectance. Reflections are a property of the universe. Therefore, life reflects what you project. This principle of reflectance or karma states that life reflects your beliefs, emotions and actions. The stronger these are, the more apparent it becomes that life is a mirror of what you project.

When you change the way you view life, the universe – your mirror – reflects your new view of reality. This does not occur instantaneously as circumstances do not allow the new reflection to immediately manifest. In this case, the new reality is held like a pressure within the aura of your body. You then walk through life surrounded by this magnetic potential, your “Karma Pattern,” as it influences your circumstances to adapt into a form where the new reality will be able to manifest and operate.

Your reflectance, sooner or later, produces manifestation. If you don’t like something in your life, the way to change it is to discover how you have generated that reflection. Then change your point of view, your beliefs, viewpoints and energies that you put into your life so that the reflection is changed. It is just like a law of physics. there is an opposite and equal reaction. This law goes much deeper than just a law of mechanical motion. It is how the universe is designed.

Reflectance is entirely automatic. There is no judgment, there is no retribution for imaginary sins. Because this law of life is automatic, you have to be the one to initiate change. It will not come to you. Until you take the initiative you can not create the action for the reaction. If you seek happiness from life, the mirror of life will shine more happiness back upon you. When you decided within yourself to become a happier person then it will reflect your new reality.

Your power lies in how you respond to the circumstances which have been created in your life. Circumstances within themselves are inherently neutral. It is your human judgment that assigns positive and negative values to any circumstances. It is a paradox of life that the challenge of difficult times can produce the most happiness in the end.

If “bad” circumstances are affecting you, it is not because of some “bad” way that you thought or behaved in the past, but because you planned your life so that it would present certain challenges. How you respond to these challenges is the whole point of the exercise. The strongest steel is that which is quenched from great heat, the most compassionate heart is that which has seen great suffering. Your viewpoint is your response to the picture that life presents, it is Totally Under Your Control. Your viewpoint determines what energies you will put into life and therefore what the mirror life will reflect.

7. Awakening:

When you see through the illusion of separation and instead connect with the unity of a life, you have awakened. Life on earth was designed to explore the concept of separation from other people, from your environment and separation from the universe on all levels. This is achieved by the projection of unified consciousness into an infinite variety of objects of apparent separation.

When you reach a deep enough meditative state to experience the oneness that underlies all of reality – then you have arrived at the main destination of the journey through life on earth. Once you experience your unity with the universe you realize many things. You realize that you always had this connection, that you always will have this connection, and that nothing can ever take it away.

Awakening brings a liveliness and a great sense of love for life in all of its forms. When you awaken, you realize that your friends are not just people with whom you share a mutual love. You realize that you and your friends are one, that you share a common empathy and a mutual kindness, one that knows no boundaries for “Self.”

8. True Beauty:

Your true beauty lasts forever because it lives within your heart. It can be seen in your eyes and sensed in your aura. It is that secret that exists within all who radiate great personal magnetism. Your loving heart radiates true beauty wherever you go. When you allow your unconditional love to flower, when you love the spiritual spark that is within you and others, then your beauty shines for all to see.

“Show Your Love For All To See For I Am You And You Are Me.”

With love, Shirley

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