Your Divine Presence

“There are great galaxies, stars and planets ensouled by living Beings of inconceivable force, majesty and beauty. There are emanations coming from each of these living centers with vital currents that flow through space. These currents, which represent the life essence of each planetary existence, radiate mighty waves of color and sound. They are beyond the power of human sense or comprehension, nevertheless they influence every particle and atom which they contact.

Your Divine PresenceOne law of the Universe is absolute Unity. Some Masters sense and see the cosmic life currents as realities. Like outposts, they stand guard over these currents from the impact of powers so tremendous that they could prove destructive if they contact earth. The evolution of humanity has brought its wars and crises. This physical upheaval will in time change the whole human race. Those who listen to the Masters will survive these changes. Humanity will not be destroyed, it will evolve.

Life affords no greater privilege than to be consciously active in some aspect of the evolutionary cycle. The technique of being aware of “Your Divine Presences” is to know it is all about your story. It is a portrait of yourself and seeing the complete you for the very first time. The various details of your life tell a complete and accurate story of the reality of you here on earth as well as the Universe. The truth is that you are a partial expression of a much greater energy than your Divine Self. The energy of individual presence, the real you, is a glorious, living, self-conscious, omnipotent, creative being, full of Love, joy and boundless optimism about your life. This energy is filled with a sacred fire, vibrating far outside the range of your physical senses. This body is an Electronic Body that vibrates so rapidly that it remains eternally youthful, beautiful and perfect.

You are directly connected from the universe to the Heart of Your Presence, through a crystal cord of the liquid light of life. It is the vertical axis of the White Light from the heart of your presence, through the heart of your Christ Self. It flows forth with your creative energies from the flame of your Heart. In order to transmute the negative conditions you must take time to meditate using colors. In doing so you will return to your” Oneness” of your Presence through out eternity, you will enjoy the joys of divine creativity as an ascended person. This is the true story and divine play for your life. You are a very special person and you must realize that.Your Divine Presence

Life affords no greater privilege than to be consciously active in some aspect of the evolutionary effort. Unfortunately the current world situation is dominated by the reactive cycle, filling the planet with powerlessness, violence and suffering. The principle of contraction is increasing to the point where nothing works, even through intense effort. In light of the continuing world wide fragmentation, it would be easy to internalize the despair and conclude that there is no hope for humanity. However, this is exactly what you must not do for reality is based on what you believe. Starting with yourself you can change the belief that you are separate by practicing forgiveness, releasing anger and opening your inner space to the light of your Inner Self.

MEDITATION for “Your Divine Presence”

  1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly
  2. Visualize pink and blue flowing from your toes to the top of your head
  3. Feel your pink and blue relaxing your entire body
  4. Experience the stillness of your mind
  5. When thoughts emerge in your mind do not judge or focus on them
  6. Say to yourself I am a peaceful soul, my mind is filled with peace, this peacefulness radiates to the world. My mind feels light and free form worries, I feel my self becoming lighter, shining like a star. My light and peace envelopes me.
  7. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly and release these thoughts

This mediation is a journey which will connect you with your “Divine Presence”.
This energy will vibrate the waves of your peace and light, you will shine like a lighthouse. You will beam your light and love for yourself and earth.

“No great improvements in the lot of mankind are possible until a great change takes place in their mode of thought.”

With love, Shirley

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