Universe’s Infinity

The Ascended Masters were once here on earth, until they transcended in to time and space, they won their victory in the Light. These Masters remain with us, as our brothers and sisters. Masters help us transform ourselves in to the Light. Their teaching and assistance help us with enlightenment.

Master Mahachohan’s name means “the Great Lord,” which relates to the hierarchy of the Great White Brotherhood, he is known as the Lord of civilization and Chief of the Masters. His energy teaches the balance and integration of true love by virtue of mastery. He has the gifts of wisdom, knowledge, faith, healing, miracles and prophecy. He has the blessings of a teacher and healer of mankind, whose love eternally enfolds the world and whose presence upon earth will once again be felt. He is known by those whose hearts that are attuned to his.

Master Mahachohan’s Message

“Within the Universe’s eternity there is an unlimited boundless energy. This energy has a blueprint filled with codes of wisdom, love and truth.

The importance of reaching and knowing a higher realm in the universe will increase your soul’s understanding of truth. One way to reach the new realms of knowledge that vibrates love is through meditations. It is important to see the evolution and the effect it has on each thought and emotion.

Earth has become a controlled planet. This ego creates an unbalanced darkness through its lack of knowledge. Earth has gone through growing pains over the years. Mother Earth desires to get lighter and receive more love. The ancients taught you are earth’s living life cells. Your thought creates what earth becomes, it is your schoolhouse. Look around and see if you like what earth has become. If not then take action through your thoughts and meditation to help earth’s energy change. Love energy is like an atom exploding, spreading sparks of love.

One of the major lessons to learn is how to emotionally flow so you cannot be controlled. When you open your heart there is a light that balances the darkness, like a light bulb, it has a negative and positive energy. Emotional freedom holds the golden key to get what you desire. Use that key to open your doors and success will be yours. You must have emotional discipline, it demands focus of your love power, this discipline will aid your decision making. When you wonder should I do this or not, this discipline your helps clarity. It is a movement creating action to complete any event.

To explain love energy and the power it carries is to look at it as an atom. An atom has neutrons and protons that is a part of the frequency for the whole atom. The atom within people’s heart is their soul. This frequency when flowing properly through emotions, passion, affection, desires, faith and unconditional love, will teach the brain to trust.

Learn about this Universal Love energy, it will be a great blessing in your life. Everything in the Universe, physical and non-physical, is energy that vibrates at various frequencies. It is the nature of these vibrations to attract themselves to vibrations of a similar frequency. It is a cluster of energy that attracts itself to other clusters of energy in which it is in a virbrational resonance. This happens on many levels, for your thoughts creates your reality.

Whatever you focus on the most is what will be attracted to your life. In order to invoke the Universe’s law of attraction for positive gain, you must visualize the things that you want, feel in your heart what it will be like to have them, and believe that you will get it. It truly is that simple. It is not “magic”. You will not manifest material good or personal success simply by thinking about them. The Universe will provide methods for you to get them.

The statement ‘thoughts create your reality’ can lead you to make assumptions. The following are thoughts to avoid.

  1. Believing That ‘Positive Thinking’ Is Enough To Attract What You Want.
    Many people use different forms of positive thinking on a conscious level only to cancel out those thoughts on a subconscious level. For example, telling yourself ‘I am slim, healthy and energetic when the mirror says something different. This will result in your subconscious saying, ‘no you are not.’ This subconscious rebuttal is generally highly charged with emotion and thus a very powerful attractor. If left unchecked the use of affirmations can give you a strong opposite result of the things you are affirming. You could be canceling the positive message with the negative one.
  2. Asking Yourself, ‘Where is it? Why Hasn’t It Happened?
    Some people are impatient with high hopes that they will simply make their list of desires, cut out pictures, or in some other way design their reality, then after a few days, weeks or even months they wonder why it has not happened. This why question can cause the energy to push it away instead of bringing it in.
  3. Determining Ahead of Time, How And When You Will Get What You Desire.
    The nature of the Universe is Infinite. Your conscious mind is not. When you have a desire, you often tend to figure out how the Universe is going to deliver. When you attach to one particular outcome, you are cutting off an infinite number of other ways your desire can be attracted.
  4. Allow Emotions To Be Led By ‘External Evidence.
    This is where you tend to give up. If your experiences in reality are different than what you were trying to attract, you may allow yourself to feel frustrated, which will only act to attract more frustration. Therefore you will not be frustrated if you have total trust and faith your vibration will reflect your desires and you will not give external reality a second thought.

Not Releasing Limited Beliefs

You have created limiting beliefs that helped you to create the reality that you are now working to change. These beliefs run deep and have specific emotions attached. As an example, if you are working to manifest a large amount of money, when you think about that, there could be a certain emotion that immediately comes up. It will be associated with a thought ‘I’ll never be able to attract that. It is too much.’ This would be connected to a feeling that you don’t deserve that amount.

These are negative emotions and that energy will work against what you desire. It is important to release those emotions to eliminate the resistance and clear the way for the universe to deliver. It is a vibrational alignment necessary for you to experience what you desire. The universe is always at work, everywhere, all the time and right now in your life. Become a beautiful magnet for focus and project your thoughts out to create your reality. What you think is what you become.”


  1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly
  2. Visualize a Silver color flowing clockwise, all around your body
  3. Take another deep breath and let it out slowly. Visualize pink and blue ribbons, flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.
  4. Flow the color Emerald Green inside your heart clockwise. 
  5. Visualize a rainbow color flowing inside your brain.
  6. Take another deep breath and let it out slowly.
  7. Ask your subconscious mind to show any unbalanced emotional energy
  8. After looking at the thoughts and energy put them in a gold bag, tie a knot, seal them. Picture the bag floating up to the universe. When it reaches the Universe’s love level it will burst into white sparkles.
  9. Flow your rainbow colors through your entire body.
  10. See yourself standing with your feet firmly on earth, your head held high and your arms stretched out. You are one filled with Love and Light from within. Your light is beaming to the Universe.

Meditation is an important tool to assist everyone in life. Prayer is talking with God, meditation is flowing with God. Meditation will help you to know your body is made up of the physical, mental and spiritual energy. It will attune to your natural spiritual source.

The changes you make will provide a new vibration consistently. It is your action of “self” through Universal love.

With love, Shirley

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