Pythagorean Theorem “Reflection and Reaching Out”

Pythagorean Theorem

“Pythagoras was considered the “Father of Mathematics.” He is most commonly remembered for the Pythagorean Theorem, which states that The square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.” However, Pythagoras was primarily a mystic and philosopher. He believed that “all things equate to numbers,” numbers represent spiritual entities whose presence is felt in all existence. Pythagoras was born 582 B.C. on the Greek Island of Samos, in the Aegean Sea. He taught, “Evolution is the law of life; Numbers is the law of the Universe; Unity is the law of God.” He believed that everything in the universe was subject to predictable progressive cycles. His means of measuring these cycles were the numbers 1 through 9. Numbers operate on the spiritual plane, while figures are for measuring on the material plane. “

Pythagorean Theorem

January Monthly Message 2007

The Universal Year 2007 = 2+0+0+7 adds to a #9 year numerological. It is an emotional year creating a time to overcome disappointments and setbacks. Earth will have the potential to gain in a significant way through compassion, understanding and tolerance of the beings it supports. Mother Earth will be in a cycle for completing the old to bring in the new

It is a year that signifies a settled and happy life for those who are inclined to have positive feelings toward the world. Those who engage in many positive works will benefit mankind and needy souls. The lesson this year will be to learn how to give back to earth without expecting to get something in return. It will be a year for completion in matters that have been hanging for the last eight years. The intensity of a #9 Universal year is ruled by the Sun, emotions and tensions will be at a high level. This emotional year will create a situation such that all people must be objective and impersonal in their actions and reactions. Many will want to serve the interest of humanity.

Tolerance and integrity will be the key to aid Earth to prepare for her new beginning. Earth’s energy will be one that tends to clear the deck for the beginning of a new nine-year cycle.

A good place to start is to review your “Personal” year through numerology. In numerology, we all have birth numbers corresponding to these “Personal” years. These numbers change with each New Year.

The Personal Year is helpful in evaluating the trend of the coming calendar year. For a clue as to what lies ahead in the coming year, calculate your personal year using this formula:

First, reduce the month and day of your birth, your birthday, to a single digit. For example, February 8th, that single digit would be (2+8 = 10.. 1+0=1). Next, reduce the year for which you are making the calculation to a single digit. The year 2003 would become 5. Now, add the single digit representing your birthday to the single digit representing the year in question. Thus, 2003 is a 6 personal year with these dates.

Calculate your personal year and see the likely trend of events for the year:

Numerology for the Universal Year 2007:

2007 = 2+0+0+7= 9
The number “9” represents a Universal Year filled with “Reflection and Reaching Out”

Pythagorean Theorem
Numerology for your “Personal” Year

The Meaning for each Personal Year:

1 Personal Year — This year is one for new beginnings it is an energizing force for success. It is time for you to put your ideas into action. A 1 personal year symbolizes ambition, invention and progression. Negative aspects of this 1 personal year can bring out the egotistical, selfish or eccentric energy in you.

2 Personal Year — A year to balance your personal life and career. It will be a slower moving year, which will help you gather information to fulfill any circumstances that need to be cared for. A 2 Personal year symbolizes understanding, receptivity and cooperation. The negative 2 aspects can make you vacillate or shy about making progress for your life changes.

3 Personal Year — Is a year of high emotions, one that needs to be calmed by using your creativity. Your Emotions are like gas to an automobile, the driving force, gas, is your energy. The #3 year constructively is to be artistic, sociable and enthusiastic about life. The negative 3 aspects to watch for include being overly critical, superficial and careless.

4 Personal Year — You will find security and stability important this year. You will desire security above all else, whether it is economic or emotional. Create your own security by sensibly conserving your resources, and then you will feel a strong sense of stability. It’s time to look around and see if you want to make changes in your life. When making any changes it is necessary to build a strong foundation that will last and support you. You can’t afford a flimsy foundation, so work diligently and precisely to establish yourself as a strong individual. Concentration, dependability and organization are constructive highlights for this year. The negative 4 energy can reveal that side of you that is stubborn, self-righteous and phlegmatic.

5 Personal Year — Freedom to live according to your precepts is essential to your spirit. It’s a fast year that will include travel and selling your ideas to others. You will know how to change conditions cleverly and quickly to ease any situation. Constructively, a #5 personal year is reflected in the ability to be adaptable and progressive by using your resourcefulness. A negative 5 manifests its self in irresponsibility, carelessness and thoughtlessness.

6 Personal Year — You will notice family and relationships are more important in a 6 year. You will feel compelled to show others what to do and how to do it, your chief concern is for those you love and serve. It’s an emotional year, its best to do creative work for your personal life and career. Constructively, a 6 personal year brings compassion and convention. A negative 6 is being overly proud, worrisome and opinionated.

7 Personal Year — It’s a year for many changes in your attitude, it’s important not to create any unnecessary interruptions for this year. Flow with the changes and accept what you have created. If you don’t like what you have created or the foundation built over the last six years, then meditate and make the necessary changes. A 7 personal year means using your intuition, poise and spirituality to succeed. On the negative side, your #7 personal year could find you are too critical, melancholy and skeptical.

8 Personal Year — Power and money is what this year is all about. Use it constructively you then will surpass any obstacle in your way. To use this year’s energy constructively is to be an organizer and leader; you will flow in a special balance. A negative 8 will manifest in intolerance, stubbornness and stress.

9 Personal Year — 9 is an ending cycle it is the best time to conclude any unfinished business. Clean out your closets, organize your life and rest. It is best not to start or purchase anything new, as it is an ending cycle if you do, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t last long. In a constructive 9 personal year, you are tolerant, humane and creative. It is a highly emotional year. It is best to take hikes, meditate and have a creative outlet. The negative 9 aspects reflect that which is emotional, egocentric, or dissipating.

A Thought to help start the New Year:

  • Release everything that does not nourish or sustain you.
  • Envision your future in ways that will support you.
  • You will need quiet uninterrupted time through out this forceful year.
  • Begin by cleaning your house. This will create a fresh space. Give things away that you no longer need. If they are valuable, give them to friends.
  • Forgive anyone who has hurt you. When you hold on to past pain, created from others you can make yourself a prisoner within yourself. The present cannot be fully lived
  • Make a special effort to be healthy and happy. Know your prosperity is in your new living space for this New Year.

“We can never obtain peace in the world if we neglect the inner world and don’t make peace with ourselves. World peace must develop out of inner peace. Without inner peace it is impossible to achieve world peace, external peace. Weapons themselves do not act. They have not come out of the blue. Man has made them. But even given those weapons, those terrible weapons, they cannot act by themselves. As long as they are left alone in storage they cannot do any harm. A human being must use them. Someone must push the button. Satan, the evil powers, cannot push that button. Human beings must do it.”

The Dalai Lama,

Happy New Year. A toast to your health, wealth, happiness and wisdom for the year 2007

With love, Shirley

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