The Process To Your Future

Your Future is what your goals project, the process has a beginning, an end and is completed by using your emotions. It is this process that creates changes, actions or functions to reach your future goals. When focusing on your goals it is necessary to realize there is a process. As you work towards yourContinue reading “The Process To Your Future”

Your Spiritual Techniques

Spiritual Techniques are tools to help you to become your own master. With this knowledge you can rule and control your life. Scientific advances are showing the ancients knew years ago that sound is one of the keys to the mysteries of the universe as well as your physical, emotional and spiritual vitality. This revolution wasContinue reading “Your Spiritual Techniques”

Your Divine Presence

“There are great galaxies, stars and planets ensouled by living Beings of inconceivable force, majesty and beauty. There are emanations coming from each of these living centers with vital currents that flow through space. These currents, which represent the life essence of each planetary existence, radiate mighty waves of color and sound. They are beyondContinue reading “Your Divine Presence”

Universal Divine Order

Master Quan Yin is a female Bodhisattva also known as Quan Shi Yin and Kwan Yin in Indian Buddhism. Quan means to inquire or look deeply. Shi means the world of people and Yin means cries. In the tradition of the Great White Brotherhood Master Quan Yin is known as the Ascended Lady. Master Quan vowed to help others becomeContinue reading “Universal Divine Order”

Universe’s Infinity

The Ascended Masters were once here on earth, until they transcended in to time and space, they won their victory in the Light. These Masters remain with us, as our brothers and sisters. Masters help us transform ourselves in to the Light. Their teaching and assistance help us with enlightenment. Master Mahachohan’s name means “theContinue reading “Universe’s Infinity”