Peaceful Emotions

A message from Master Venetian

“Your seemingly diverse and unrelated life experiences can take you down a spiritual path when you are willing to open your eyes to see the connection. Each experience brings you one step closer to the truth. This is knowledge you need to complete for your spiritual goals. Growing spiritual awareness can develop through everyday experiences. The seemingly ordinary experiences can be made extraordinary because of the inner spiritual awareness directing your path.”Master-Venetian

It is important to understand peaceful emotions, one way is through your creativity. Art is a physical manifestation of your personal creativity. Whether conscious or subconscious, art is infinite, of pure thought, and life force. As nature colors earth, so does art color your life. The power of love has to be generated through emotions, art is one source where you feel the power. Art manifests in many ways: crafts, painting, sewing, music, gardening, home decorating, fashion, sports, etc. Its energy calls on the senses—touch, feel, scent, sight, and sound–to bring wholeness to your work or desires. It will calm the mind and body while rebuilding energy.

There is an emotional process to your creative outlet. The process has a beginning and an end. The middle is the emotional action. While creating, you become more aware of your true nature, the super “Self” within you. You are fanning the Divine Spark of spiritual awareness deep within your soul into a flame of Truth.

To understand emotional communications with your creative “Self” is to commune, an act of talking intimately or emotionally is to receive and share. A cation is a positively charge ion. In electrolysis, a cation moves toward the negative, thus creating a spark or charge. In the same way, communication is a fiery energy for creating movement. This fire energy sparks a variety of self-expression. It creates a power directly tied to the source of your “Self.”Peaceful-Emotions

Creative work becomes connected to the heart creating a relationship within and out of “Self.” This blissful artwork holds an electromagnetic energy that vibrates from your heart’s desire. In doing so, your art becomes reality. In this art-infused reality, you are dealing with work that automatically brightens your personal color’s creating a flow in a higher frequency.

By focusing on your creative work, you receive clarity of vision and purpose. It will help you trust and believe that what you are feeling, hearing, smelling, sensing, or seeing is true. This energy works from within you and outside of “Self”, into the earth and the universe.

Peaceful Emotions are an enhancement to your emotional flow. Your emotions and creativity work together similar to electricity. Emotions are the receiver and creativity is the sender. It is your free will that allows that you to be peaceful.

At times, we all feel a kind of ‘heavy energy’ in the air or in our bodies. It is best to tune it out or to make changes in your life to relieve the weight. To do this, you must first become devoted to your “Self” through diet, exercise and meditation. But you must also have a creative outlet. Some believe emotions are just feelings. They don’t understand energy currents. Your thoughts must be selective to over power lower frequencies such as hate, anger, fear or envy. Creative work allows your mind, body and spirit to focus together, thus allowing thoughts to relax. Have you ever noticed how ‘time flies’ when your mind feels refreshed after ‘working’ on a piece of art or writing etc?

Choosing your thoughts determines the quality of your light. The world could be described as a wilderness, representative of the chaotic conditions of people’s collective consciousness. When you go within to learn about your “Self”, you avoid getting stuck in that confusing energy, you find yourself calm in a beautiful garden of your own creation.Peaceful-Emotions

To open the door to the Divine Life, you certainly can not afford to be mentally overworked. You must endeavor to feel within yourself the attribute of Love. Then generate the warmth of this love for humanity with a gentle, humble, patient and peaceful spirit. When you attune yourself with the spirit of your higher “Self” and God the flow of your emotions will manifest through self-expression. By flowing with these emotions, through this expression, tranquility will automatically be there. You will quickly attune to the energy that is vibrating through your senses. This vibrating motion is filled with color, sound, and frequency.

When we look at God’s creations on earth, we see in the elements, the manifestation of colors, sounds and tonal frequency. As we look inside our body, the charkas radiate with the same colors and frequencies. We dress our outer bodies with clothes having color. Those colors radiate energy as well.

When you have an understanding of how your creative “Self” works, your body will flow with the mental and emotional freedom to activate a powerful surge of energy. This surge will communicate clearly to you, earth and the universe. You will create wondrous works of art.

Nature creates her own art pieces, as does your physical body. Each charka has its colors, which help to radiate energy. Your energy within will constantly flow and swirl until it vibrates outward manifesting into the completion of your own art piece.”Peaceful-Emotions

Meditation for “Peaceful Emotions”

  1. Picture the colors Pink and Blue flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  2. Circle your outer body with the colors of Emerald Green, Gold, Turquoise and Purple.
  3. Take three deep breaths and feel the stress of the day vanish.
  4. Relax and enjoy this wonderful Divine Energy.
  5. Visualize yourself filled with the presence of nature.
  6. Allow your mind to create a peaceful harmony within you.
  7. You, nature and the universe will then be able to increase your peaceful energy.

This meditation will help your artwork to be created during your silence and focus. The beat of your heart pulses and energizes the brain as every emotion is composed. Your thought and open mind brings “Peaceful Emotions.”

“Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself
and know that everything in life has a purpose.”

Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

With love, Shirley

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