The Sincerity of Loving

A message from “Master Morya”

“Love is the most powerful force in the universe. The sincerity of loving external beauty is not based on physical appearance. It is based on what and how you truly love. People who attain the love for truth and integrity has a never fading inner beauty. When you absorb divine love through meditation, open your heart in compassion and tenderness, your life will change. The curtain will be drawn aside bringing forth your soul’s truth and love creating a brighter light to shine forever.”


Master Morya

A personal love relationship must have a foundation with two willing spirits. You have to know the person inside and out. The outside tells you little while the inside tells you who they truly are. Some have difficulty letting go of unhealthy relationships. You can’t start the engine of a new vehicle with the key from your former vehicle. Sometimes you don’t have all the answers. You must learn to give up the need to be right, for there is no right or wrong. It just is. Communication is the essence of spiritual love for any happy relationship. Choosing a relationship is not like choosing a special fruit. The cantaloupe might be smooth on the outside but once you cut it open it can be bitter. It is the cantaloupe that has the lumps and bumps that are usually the ones that are the sweetest. Love blossoms when differences are respected allow each other to be themselves.

Love is the word people use to describe a special feeling, a demonstrable affection for a person or idea. Rarely do people understand the pure, undiluted essences of love as harmony for the whole. Love is experienced by all realities but in different ways with different focuses. Love is indeed appropriate and the only relevant vehicle for increasing human’s vistas of harmony on earth and the universe.Sincerity-of-Loving

There is a difference between personal love, and true Soul and Spiritual love. Spiritual perspective is unconditional love, never attacking or judgmental. It only shares loving observations, Spiritual discernment’s and preferences. Spiritual Love forgives, it communicates in a calm rational loving manner. It will not argue or engage in ego battles; instead it is tolerant, patient, and a love finder not a faultfinder. It is important to have an attitude of love, not just feelings of love. Love is a passion that does not take into consideration any reward, utilization or return. It has a spiritual frequency of total acceptance.

Some believe that love is a subjective emotion, a feeling of adoration, joy or effortlessness when with others. Through spiritual practice and contemplation, understanding and increasing equanimity, you will expand your definition of love. You will be able to have feelings with the very process of being; you will be able to love life, feel that same love for others and the universe. You will understand what is called love is merely the latest incarnation, in human form, of a universal attribute that has been working toward creating you since the beginning of this world. Love is the attractive force that builds complexity by uniting opposites. Love is more powerful than the natural forces of repulsion. Combining opposites neutralizes the half-truth that each opposite represents, freeing the resultant combination to act to combine to go toward resolving opposites at higher and higher levels. These acts of love are fulfilled in the galaxies and universe. Love is the necessary, joyful and critical ingredient bringing together all on this diverse planet earth.

In the universe, there flows a beautiful stream. It is a stream of consciousness, like sparks of a fire, or drops from the ocean. Like the rays of the sun. You are the sparks, the drops, and the rays. When you flame the fire, one spark of the fire knows ‘You Are fire’, that is love. With the drops of water, each drop of water knows, you are the ocean, that is love. When each ray of the sun knows, you are solar, that is love.

Life is about relationship-the relationship you have with yourself, with others, the world and the universe.

The universe is working to show everyone the beauty of “self” and spiritual love. All you have to do is open your heart. Sometimes you have to take risks, step out on faith and reach out to others who are courageous. Through the power of the sincerity of love there will be unity for a divine power created to heal and bring harmony to all.”


Meditation for “The Sincerity of Loving”

  1. Stretch your body, relax and take 3 deep breaths and exhale.
  2. Visualize Pink and Blue inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. Visualize yourself setting on top of a mountain.
  4. Feel the soft green grass while your body absorbs earth’s pure energy.
  5. Look up at the sky and feel the connection with the universe.
  6. Feel your heart’s connection with earth and the universe’s love.
  7. Feel the beauty of that radiant love, a love you are in forever.
  8. Through eternity, you are filled with love, peace and harmony.
  9. Project your love to God and the universe.
  10. You are like a love-lightening rod between earth and universal love.
  11. Enjoy the elegance of this electrifying power through your spirit and heart. It is a mighty force you shall always vibrate.

This meditation will bring the power of love from God, the Universe, Masters and the Angels. This love will encompass you and earth enlightening the essences of your spirit and soul.

“Compassion and love are not mere luxuries. As the source both of inner and external peace, they are fundamental to the continued survival of our species.”

Dalai Lama

With love, Shirley

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