Free Will

With your first breath, the spirit brings into your heart your soul, freedom of choice and your “Will Power”. The soul carries the freedom energy and the spirit vibrates “will” power. Your soul has the freedom to decide where it wants to go and what it desires to learn. Your spirit is the action that energizes the soul creating events to happen.

Look at it this way. God made Adam. Adam got lonesome so God made Eve. God told Adam and Eve do not eat the apple. They did, so God said “Now you have Free Will” God loves and supports you but you have to do everything for yourself.” It doesn’t matter if the story is true or not it still gets the point across about “Free Will.”Free-Will

“Will” as a vibration of your spirit, can be defined as spiritual faculty. The physical body is subject to the intense vibratory influence of earth, it can be influenced by the dense and negative vibrations of the world known as the human “will.” Your “will” is a vibration you are born with and evolves in you as you evolve. It belongs to your eternal aspect and is your spirit when you incarnate in each lifetime. It is a vibration that belongs to your spiritual mind and is developed as you evolve like a “divine seed.” This vibration is pronounced through your body and continues producing invisible physical vibrations.

The human “will” is the reflection in the physical plane of the spiritual vibration, it has hierarchy in the human mind and the soul. When you fortify your free will, the mental, emotional, sensorial vibrations or physically events that occur around you on a daily basis will never enslave you. For that reason it is very necessary to exercise constantly the action of your free will. If you let someone influence you by some advice you begin to work by their ideas and not yours. Free will is your servant and instrument when used you will never be enslaved by others.

At inception, your soul’s freedom is pure with affections, love for people, animals and nature. As this energy processes it is energized by your spiritual will. It takes experiences to develop your free will so that it prevails over other aspects. When you understand that it prevails constantly, your “will” reaches to the greater evolutionary state of total consciousness. In summary: the invisible physical body of the will is subtle, soon the mental body and later the emotional-sensorial soul come into compliance. Each one conforms to the soul using different qualities. The vibration of your mental body, the emotional-sensorial body and soul responds to the vibrations of your spiritual mind, the spiritual soul and the body of the willFree-Will

Free will is an inherent faculty to your spiritual aspect that when being reflected in your human aspect instills a permanent anxiety to your freedom. For that reason, you are able to not allow any obstacle or sacrifice to stop you from living your freedom.

For example, there are countries that exert extreme control through political or religious dictatorships, using dogmas or religious beliefs fanatics gain political or religious power. Philosopher’s Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, defend the idea of an absolute will; for them, it is the primary source of the decisions of the will, of the freedom; they take the freedom like essence, something primary with relation to the being and the existence. They deny that conditions or external causes predetermine the will. According to them, “the man acts independently, by voluntary decision and not by the action of external causes, nor by the greater weight of reasons on others”. They affirm that “nothing can force the will to choose this, instead of that. The will is indeed the one that chooses.”

When you become the master of your own mind and control your thoughts, you can create your own reality based on the continuous positive thoughts flowing within your mind. With this awareness, other people’s thoughts will not affect you adversely; instead your thoughts will become a positive inspiration for those around you.

You are free in mind, body and soul, therefore you must decide freely on your own thoughts and acts, so the divine freedom that you have can exert it in balanced form. Through elliptical evolution that includes the stages of densification, you are developing the divine faculties of love, faith, discernment and will. Your free will is not developed it is awakened when you have acquired the spiritual conscience. This discernment is extended and the will is fortified in accordance with your evolution and progress. You must defend your freedom of action; feelings and thoughts based on your free will. Do not allow ideas or concepts to prevail that force separation, antagonisms, hatreds and other vibrations to separate you from the law of the love. The law of love uses everything in a positive and negative frequency vibrating in a balanced way what you generate through your free will.

Free Will is an essential ingredient for success in your lifetime. One of the ways to determine love and respect is to observe and understand the concept of Free Will. Those who choose the lower vibration, dictators, anarchists and religious fanatics will not honor their Free Will. The opposite is also true. The higher the vibration, the deeper the understanding and honoring of Free Will.

Angels and Guides for example will stay out of your life unless you ask for their help. This is because they understand how important it is for you to learn your own lessons. Sometimes one of the toughest lessons to learn is how to ask for help. The lower vibration entities assume they own you or have a right to be in your space unless you tell them to get out. You can not create energy alone; you have to activate the universal energy, which always exists. This Energy gives you life and is always there, at every moment, for everyone. Fun loving energetic people knows how to activate this and always have available energy. The Universal Love Energy does not decide” I like this one so I will send her energy, and the other one over there I do not like so he will not get any of my energy”. It never goes away, it never slows-down, if it did our whole galaxy would fall apart.

You can activate this energy by using your free will to think the proper thoughts, thoughts that stimulate you instead of putting you down, thoughts, which bring you health instead of disease, thoughts that make you feel loved instead of fearing loneliness, thoughts which bring you wealth instead of poverty. Create your thoughts of what you want by vibrating free will, love integrity and action. Dream about what you want then put yourself into position by taking the appropriate steps in the direction of your thoughts. Your thoughts and actions activate this enormous universal energy to work for you through your free will. You can make it move in the direction for realizing your dreams. The formula is simple, first you dream, then you act on your dreams or desires. This will generate energy to help you take the next step. This energy generated will help you move into the direction of what you desire. Any mystery can automatically unfold through your Free Will.


Soul’s “Free Will” Meditation

  1. Stretch your body, relax and take 3 big deep breaths and exhale.
  2. Visualize Pink and Blue inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. You see a meadow, covered in soft, green grass.
  4. The soft, lush, green grass has flowers of all colors. See your self walk through the meadow.
  5. Feel your feet embrace the coolness of the grass.
  6. The sky is clear and blue the sun’s rays gently caress your body, filling it with warm waves of energy, you are totally relaxed.
  7. Breathing gently and easily, you see tall majestic trees reaching to the warmth and light of the sun.
  8. Approaching the trees, you come to a crystal clear, babbling brook. Walk alongside the brook, you hear birds chirping.
  9. The sun’s rays shine through the branches of the trees, directing and guiding you to move further downstream. Before you is a waterfall. Water is cascading and caressing the smooth rocks surrounding the falls. A fine, delicate mist rises as the water falls to the brook below.
  10. As you move closer, you see a pathway under the waterfall. The water is purifying, cleansing and refreshing. Move along the path under the water. Feel it pour gently over your body from the top of your head, down through your entire body. This crystal clear, warm water cleanses away all old beliefs, all fears, all resentments, all apprehensions, and feelings of lack.
  11. Feel these emotions being washed away completely.
  12. Continue your walk. A white horse walks beside you.
  13. This beautiful horse will help you with your Free Will energy flow.
  14. Ride the horse and feel its free spirit. Now feel your free spirit unite with your heart, mind and body. Your “Free Will” power has united with the Universal Love Power.

This meditation will bring your power of love and light to a higher degree of peaceful tranquility that will allow your free will to be stronger. The soul who develops true love acquires wisdom for their personal power. Personal power is obtained through the personalization of the cosmic linkup in the universal network of energy. Enjoy your new awareness of Freedom.

“There is a driving force more powerful than the steam, the electricity and the atomic energy, it is the will.” ~~~~ Albert

With love, Shirley

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