Soul’s Wisdom Energy

People are beginning to search for their life’s purpose to grasp the bigger picture of which they are. Everyone desires their life to be good, to feel useful, to be appreciated, to love and to be loved. Behind all of these desires is the creative impulse of the soul’s wisdom. This energy moves through everyone vibrating peace, joy, love and harmony. The “Soul’s Wisdom Energy” is the commander that leads you along many paths, through innumerable forests, deserts and oceans of experiences as you cross-countless lifetimes.

The Soul’s Wisdom Energy will joyfully assist you in accelerating the release of limiting beliefs, thought forms or old patterns. It is exciting how it works to bring forth more freedom to those who experience it. Soul Wisdom’s multidimensional energy delivers the knowledge of the lighter pathways that your life force flows through and around your body. It is an energy force that sorts through electrically attached energy, it will detach or erase, just like a computer program, by reversing the polarized charge holding it in place.

You can create a magnetic field to polarize the subconscious patters that have accumulated from lifetimes such as “I must forgive, I can’t forgive. I am in control of my life; I am not in control. I love myself, I don’t love myself.” When the subconscious absolves these polarized issues, instead of trying to keep them in balance or struggle to suppress them, you will have greater peace of mind. Reversing the electrical charge of etheric attachments, disengaging them and transmuting them is the key to phenomenal results. The difference in your life experiences can be profound.


Master Saint Kumara Message:

The influence of science has invaded the realm of personal emotions. Despite the discoveries of modern science many of the illnesses, which afflict people, are due to unbalanced egos. These egos are trying to be free from what they have created in past lives or, in the present life; they will attach to the physical body. The battle within human’s consciousness shifts its field with every age. Where before the problem was to raise the emotional consciousness to the spiritual level by prayer now it tends to become the effort to conquer desires through analysis. This requires skill in manipulating those guiding and spiritualizing currents which, like electricity, run through the conscious mind.

The physical body is your soul’s vehicle. It is amazing how this vehicle can and will transport you through life’s intricacies. Negative thought forms, expressions, interactions, and entities can limit your positive expression and growth.

Through the God Force Consciousness of expression you can change reality by using your desires, will, and energy to alter or remove the negative vibration frequency patterns. Clearing the negative allows the “unconscious positive” potential, which is already there, to become more expressive. You will grow and evolve your consciousness by releasing the negative and empowering the positive.

There is a relationship between the mind and heart so it is important to identify your mind’s role in perception with your heart. Your conscious mind is like a computer it perceives judges and reflects all that you think and experience. These perceptions form an inner-changing complex of information. Its network becomes your program within which your body functions. Its capacity is a filter as the conscious mind sifts through all contradictory incoming data. It empowers you to function in what the conscious mind considers an appropriate style.Wisdom-Energy

Your subconscious holds decisions; attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, considerations and point of views made. It is carried by your soul’s memory from lifetime to lifetime. It is your memory data. This data is stored in your internal organs. The conscious mind holds the daily incoming data. This data is then processed in the brain and then transported through your system to the appropriate location. As this data becomes pertinent, you will use it then lose it as it leaves your system through the colon, urinary tract or sweat glands, just like erasing a file on your computer. The heart holds the key for the balance of the two. When you understand love and respond to the soul you will find the meaning in your experiences.

Through meditation you can release any unwanted existing data. It will be released permanently once you know what you desire to release. The old data will no longer serve a purpose in your life. Like a computer you delete what no longer serves or helps you. There will be no repercussions unless you allow your emotions to create something with it and recycle it again.Soul-Energy

Meditation for “Soul’s Wisdom Energy”

  1. Flow pink and blue from your toes to the top of your head.
  2. Flow each charka color clockwise. 1st charka red, 2nd charka orange, 3rd charka yellow, 4 charka green, 5th charka blue, 6th charka indigo, 7th charka gold, 8th charka out of the top of your head, flow white.
  3. Allow yourself to flow to your subconscious mind where there is a door. Open your door and step inside.
  4. Thoughts that no longer serve you picture them in a gold balloon and allow it to flow out to the universe.
  5. After your work is completed walk through your subconscious room door. Lock it and put the key inside your heart.

Understanding of self — self-mastery — can be found by looking within, becoming energy sensitive and by learning to control your energy systems.

“Love who you are and what you are and what you do. Laugh at yourself and at life, then nothing can touch you. It’s all temporary anyway. Next lifetime you will do it differently anyway, so why not do it differently now?” ~~~~ Louise L. Hay

With love, Shirley

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