Soul Energy

From the Writings of Master Koot Hoomi Lal Singh

Soul Energy is a breath of fresh air from the heavens, light as a feather yet a mighty power; filled with Love and light. Your soul is not separate from you; it is a part of you. It is made of light and is the embodiment of love. It is a Master that helps you grow and fulfill your higher purpose. The Soul represents your knowledge hidden deep inside your subconscious mind; it is reached and contacted in different forms of meditation, artistic work, music, etc.

At the time of birth, your spirit guides your soul into your body through your first breath of life. It immediately programs your subconscious mind with past data it then goes and resides in your heart. This spirit guides your emotions, your action and movement. The soul is your connection with the dream self, the deep self and the higher self that is closer to your “Oneness.”

Your higher “Self” and “Soul” are different from each other but they are used interchangeably. When your personality is fully developed, integrated, and evolved, it becomes a tool for your soul to fulfill its goals. It becomes more than a personality—it becomes a part of your higher self. Your higher self is a perfect instrument through which your soul can express itself. You are being your higher “Self” every time you align with your soul to carry out its goals.

What is Your Soul?

Your soul is infused with a Spirit that permeates and gives you life. Your soul is more than a combination of mental, emotional, and physical bodies. The intelligence directs the building of your body. It contains your essence between lifetimes and holds the patterns that created you in this lifetime. It has qualities of mind and mental awareness; it is intelligent and creative. It can draw matter to itself to create forms in your physical world. It lives in higher spiritual dimensions and brings the light and energy of those dimensions to you. It is the repository for all wisdom, love, spiritual will and power that you have gained from every lifetime.

To grow and fulfill your higher purpose, the soul needs to become a master of its love and goals. Part of its purpose is to learn how to send its light into your mind, then to your emotions to establish a higher light and rhythm. Your level of spiritual evolution is determined by the mastery your soul has gained on the earth plane.

Enlightenment may be reached through a state of deep meditation it is at this point you contact your soul. Most of your soul’s attention is turned upward toward the realms of pure Universal Love. The universe is always transmitting waves of soul energy to you, it works with you to make changes while developing your awareness, stimulating, purifying and transforming energies to help you grow spiritually.

You are the one who needs to draw your soul’s attention to your “Self”. You do this through expanding your consciousness—seeking your higher self, to grow spiritually and to awaken your light body. When you consciously connect with your soul and continually draw it into your life, your soul will put more attention and energy into you. When this happens, your spiritual growth accelerates rapidly. You work from the earth plane upward; your soul works from the universal soul plane downward.

As you blend with your soul, you absorb the spiritual knowledge, which is in and around the universe, improving your daily life. Your soul sends its light so you can experience itself through your earth consciousness. It can successfully express itself through you, as your personality becomes more responsive to it. Your soul can fulfill its higher purpose of Mastery by bringing its light into the world of form and matter that you live in. As you blend with your soul and radiate its energy in your daily life, you serve humanity in a valuable way. You become a distributor of soul energy. Through soul contact, you can radiate love, light, beauty and joy to yourself and others.

Everyone is like a walking radio station, transmitting and receives at specific frequencies. Intuitively, all recognize this and are drawn to associate with the people and places that vibrate on a similar frequency. Subconsciously, you trust your first impressions; you realize how important people are when you first meet someone. The first time you meet someone your energy fields mesh; they exchange information. If your energy fields complement one another in any way, you begin to feel that you like this person and will want to further the relationship. If a negative relationship is involved, you may feel strongly drawn to that person even if you do not like them. These people really obsess about you. When you feel neutral about someone or instantly dislike him or her, your energy fields do not match you learn nothing from them.Soul Energy

Everyone has seven major energy centers or chakras in the body, people tend to funnel their energy into one of them, and this will effect how we perceive the world. Some funnel their energy through the first chakra at the base of the spine; they filter life primarily through the physical senses. Others funnel their energy through the fourth or heart chakra; they experience life primarily through their emotions and feelings. Others funnel their energy through the fifth or throat chakra and they filter life primarily through their thoughts and ideas. More people are leaning to funnel life through the sixth and seventh chakras – the inner/third eye and crown centers, they perceive life with the awareness of unity with all that is or was or ever shall be.

We are living in a time where people are rapidly changing or evolving in their understanding of how their bodies receive and transmit energy. These changes are unprecedented in Earth’s history people are transforming into a very different kind of being. There are three major changes going on. First, all of the seven chakras along the spinal cord are beginning to unify or merge together with the heart chakra becoming the keystone. This means that energy is becoming more evenly distributed among the energy centers than it has in the past when most human beings’ energy stayed congested or trapped in the lower chakras.

The second major change in the human energy system is that people are beginning to make the shift from the chakra-based energy system to one compatible with the light body energy system. The light body frequencies were first introduced on a large scale to Earth during the 1980s; these frequencies intensify every day. As the light body frequencies continue to intensify and the number of people working with them increases, many people will experience the awakening of these centers without doing any conscious work. This is what biologists call evolution and this is not a slow, gradual process. The third major change is the electromagnetic energy grids around and in Earth, people are being keyed up to a higher frequency. These changes are essential for the planet to ascend and for people to be able to live in the higher energy frequency.

The human body is the physical manifestation of soul energy. It is important to take care of the physical body, the soul’s vehicle, with proper diet and exercise. People energize their problems when they talk or worry about them. When someone tells you their tales of woe, interrupt them and redirect the conversation to an area in their life that works. People who listen to these tales of woe will find twenty minutes later their energy is low.

Wise people choose their sexual partners carefully. When you engage in sexual activity, you are trying to reach a oneness with that person. What happens is the two-energy fields merge together and your body will retain the energy of that other person for a long time. Even if it is just a one night stand.

When you have sex with someone and almost immediately regret doing so, you have taken on the life force energy of another that is not compatible with your own energy.

Every human being has a field of energy and energy system. When people experience anything that emotionally sets them off, their energy fields will swell. They literally reach out to other’s energy fields around them and suck them into their energy vortices. This is okay if the person is happy, but not good when they are angry or depressed.

The Master’s energy fields are immense they are fueled solely by unconditional love which is the most powerful energy in the whole universe. People vary in how sensitive they are to the energy in and around them. Those who prefer or need to maintain a large personal space between themselves and others are usually the ones who are the most sensitive to energy. You can call upon the power of your soul’s energy and light to assist you any time you need extra light, love or wisdom. Simply picture your soul in your heart opening with new thoughts and feelings, it will add its light to your consciousness.

A spiritual path is the journey your soul goes through in the process of your evaluation to complete awareness. How the soul expresses and how your soul experiences that path is in accordance with what your soul has already learned and what it has to learn in order to complete its cycle of soul evolution. It is a spark of light from your source creation. Every molecule in the universe stems from one single, pervasive, infinite source. Just as every brushstroke of a Picasso has his signature, everything in creation is an _expression of the higher, infinite dimension of Universal Love signature.

Daily Reminders:

  • I am Light
  • I am Energy
  • I am Stillness
  • I am Peace
  • I am Blissful
  • I am Love
  • I am Light
  • I Am Truth
  • I Am Joyful

“Love is the beauty of the soul.”

Saint Augustine

With love, Shirley

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