Touching the Power of Love

Brotherhood of the White Light – A group of highly evolved souls termed ascended masters are referred to as the “Brotherhood of the White Light.” They are dedicated to assisting the evolutionary process of moving Universal Love energy through all planes and levels of form. When you connect with them, they support and assist you by assuring that any work will maintain its forward evolutionary motion. They have been known for centuries and assist us through free will and Universal Love.

“The Power of Love can do anything when you understand the connection with your heart and soul. Love is like an eternal flame, once lit it will continue to burn forever.

Love is not hugging and going gaga over someone. Worldwide, many people have distorted the concept of love. The usual concept of love revolves around the body and emotions, yet actual love is not physical or emotional, rather it is spiritual.

You Must Love All

Love not just your neighbor or your family but all that is now, all that has been, and all that will be. Love can not be given, shared, or felt unless there is acceptance and understanding from you. Do not expect love from others but accept their love that others may give. It is important to accept the differences in people for all are as your are kindred in spirit and in love. If you hate you can not be loved by others, yourself, or the Universe. Love what you do, understand yourself and your actions and do all things necessary to show this love. Give your love freely without expecting anything in return. With love comes an understanding, respect, kindness, generosity, and happiness. It is a circle, what you give returns to you in multiples.

Since the beginning of time humans have tried to define love. The concept of true love is what everyone is searching for, yet love is one of the most misunderstood concepts. What people really want is to be loved unconditionally, be accepted for who they are, and still be loved.

People all over the world are proving the power of love is effectively turning around some seemingly impossible situations. Life is creation and all creation is a power of love. Love is the underlining motive of the Universe and once it is invoked, LOVE will manifest miracles.

Everything you need is in the power of love. When you bring to light any unloving thoughts, hurtful feelings, or unloving actions, your troubles begin to dissipate away.

This will shift negative energy. You then can start actively being more loving and kinder to yourself. When you use love as a platform to think about “solutions”; difficulties you have will disappear.

Love is about deciding not to be a victim, and choosing to tap into your creative power. One exceptionally powerful way of manifesting love is to ask for help from the Universe. There is powerful Universal Love focused on what is going on around you and earth just waiting to be called upon. “Free will” makes it necessary for you to ask for what you need. By using your freedom of choice, to exercise your free will, you will then lock into this higher source of Universal Love and Light.

Having a purpose in a loving life is an absolute necessity. It is tempting to run from, hide or avoid purpose. Life without purpose is misery, even if you are surrounded with every material comfort and pleasure imaginable. Life with purpose is sweet and fulfilling, even when there are challenges. Where there is purpose, there is energy. Actions directed toward a compelling purpose will create a powerful momentum that lines up events and circumstances in your favor. Purpose gives you a reason to get going each day and strengthens your determination to persist onward. It has an energy that pushes you firmly toward your highest level of accomplishment.

Changing your mind and your attitude about life, filling yourself up with this love energy every moment, creates powerful steps toward “fixing” life’s problems. It takes commitment, dedication and an abundance of self-love, to get your life on the right loving track. When you are willing and ready, you can fix your life through love. When you trust yourself enough to touch this power of love, you will manifest both love and abundance in your life to its fullness. It is what you believe; not what you think that manifests the loving joy for life.

There are no other weapon humans have that are effective as love, for love is the greatest power. To help create earth’s changes surround your “self” and earth with a new higher evolved love vibration. It is time to experience more love, to teach about more love and to share more love. Not only with loved ones, but also other countries and people who inhabit those countries with all their different beliefs and ways. Love is being directed to earth that is coming from enlightened souls on earth and helpers from the Universal Love emanating from the Brotherhood.

Continually re-connecting yourself with a meaningful purpose will connect you with the best of life’s loving treasures.

The Love List

* Love is unconditional. It is always their waiting for your connection.

* Love does not act out of fear. Love will cast out fear.

* Love does not judge. Love embraces the divinity of all precious life.

* Love heals. It forgives any unloving acts.

* Love helps “Self” to control your mind and thoughts.

* Love aids you to control your actions through peace and harmony.

* Love has tolerance.

* Love has energy for cheerfulness.

* Love asks you to say “I Am Love.”

Love your “Self”, earth and the universe and you will be filled with Universal Love. It is not a dream or an idealistic vision; it is an eternal reality. You use your mind like a receiver everyday when tune in to the airwaves of media and madness. It is time to open your minds and tune in to the endless currents of Universal Consciousness. This energy is being bestowed upon you continually. Universal love then becomes the solution to all of you and earth’s problems.


“Show Your Love for All to See. For I Am You and You Are Me.”

With love, Shirley

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