Human Beings

Are you a human being having a spiritual experience or a spiritual being having a human experience?

You don’t have to go very far to find a scientific definition of ‘human’. In fact, Webster’s dictionary says that the adjective ‘human’ is of relating to, being, or characteristic of humans; having human forms or attributes. To be human is to have the characteristics of something more, it is called self-awareness or a soul for it’s all the same.

People have physical characteristics, determined by the structure and actions of their body, and non-physical or spiritual characteristics. This includes the ability to perceive, think, feel, act and assign meaning for your purpose in life. Human beings think and feel, they are conscious of the fact that they do so. This individual consciousness creates a core personal identity that moves beyond physical existence into a complex world of ideas and images. This personal consciousness drives people to find meaning and purpose in human existence. Physical laws govern the physical world. Mental and spiritual laws govern the non-physical world. Those who live in accordance with these universal laws find peace and serenity in life. Those who violate the universal principles, either through ignorance or intent, experience inner pain, turmoil and frustration.

A Message From Master Maitreya:

Master Maitreya means Master of Love. Maitreya has been known through the centuries as the Great Initiator. He represented the Cosmic Christ of mankind on Earth, which was a similar action to the individual as that of his own Christ Self. This was necessary because mankind had gotten into so much discord and density that their own Christ Selves no longer responded or acted in that respect or degree in the outer self. Now that the Cosmic Light is flooding the Earth and its atmosphere (the Cosmic Light) acts as the Initiator to mankind. There is more expansion of the individual’s own Light as the Cosmic Light increases.Master Maitreya

“Spirituality is your capacity to feel compassion for all living creatures and earth. It supports the elevation, evolution and all round progress of all beings. It includes the idea that human beings are more than their bodies and minds. Each individual soul or individual self transcends his or her body and mind according to the goal of life. It is to realize the nature of your individual soul or self as one with the infinite source of all
attainment of that infinite source brings complete and permanent fulfillment. Consciously or unconsciously, all human beings want a complete and permanent fulfillment. When conscious efforts are made to attain that infinite source, those efforts will help you to be more spiritually aware.

Spirituality is universal. Human beings have evolved from an infinite source; it is that source that they ultimately return to through their spiritual efforts and the grace of that infinite source.

All beings, including animals and plants, are on a spiritual evolutionary path, they should be treated with love and respect; diversity is a law of nature, but all beings have the same ultimate spiritual potentiality and destination. When you harm others, you harm yourself. When you help others, you help yourself, setting a positive example for others.

Knowing, respecting, and expressing your true “Self” is a factor in attaining satisfaction in life. In today’s fast paced society, it is easy to get trapped in the habit of doing what others expect. You must take charge and do what is meaningful for you. Millions of people get up, head out and keep running until they drop, often without any sense of satisfaction. Some follow this path getting sucked into a rut of passive response they often feel exhausted, frustrated or even empty. Sometimes you sense that there is more to life than gathering nuts, but you keep storing up for the future and miss the precious present.

To increase your awareness of your inner wisdom it is best to regularly reflect in silence. Communing with nature helps as does breathing deeply, this will help to quiet your mind.”

Steps To Assist You:

  • Find Your Focus: Take time to reflect on what’s best for your next purpose or destiny this is your unique talent. If you love what you do and you are making a difference with your unique spiritual gifts you are already serving your purpose.
  • Don’t Block Your Own Success: Always maintain a positive mindset
  • Practice The Art Of Affirmations: We all experience ongoing “mind chatter.” You can consciously choose the kind of chatter that occupies your mind by affirmations. An affirmation is positive self-talk and needs to be in the present tense. As an example (I am, vs. I will be) (I am calm vs. I am not nervous).
  • Think Great: To think great is to be great. Remind yourself daily that you are great.
  • Learn To Reframe Situations: The difference between optimism and pessimism is often described as seeing the glass half-full or seeing the glass half empty. Whenever you are faced with a setback or disappointment, look beyond the obvious negative to see where the positive is, no matter how small. Deliberately choose to see whatever good is woven into life’s frustrations. It will cause great blessings to appear in your life.
  • Complaints Demoralize, Questions energize: There are ways to create solutions, instead of complaining; as an example (I don’t have any time for myself), turn your problem into a question (How can I find one hour a week just for myself?) When you turn complaints into questions, you stimulate your spiritual awareness to bring forth solutions while energizing yourself to prepare for action, change and improvement.
  • Surround Yourself With Inspiration: A desire to find meaning and purpose in your existence will transcend the mystical spirituality. It is based upon the belief that there is a spiritual world known as the Higher Power. It reveals information through your awareness for the ultimate goal of a personal relationship with that higher power of love.

Unconditional Love is always present and embraces the divinity of life. It heals, cast away fears, and doesn’t judge, for love is the power of all. When you look at your eyes in a mirror and say “I Am Love” then you have begun a new self-empowerment.

With love, Shirley

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