Reality Of Self

Reality of “Self” is not a theory; it is trust in what you believe.

Years ago Emily Dickinson wrote a poem:

“The Brain – is wider than the Sky –
For – put them side by side –
The one the other will contain
with ease – and You – beside-“

This poem suggests that the brain is big enough to contain not only the “Sky” but also “You.” How one thinks of ones “Self,” others, or humanity, has its place in the universe. All human experiences, up to and including one’s sense of “Self”, correspond to various patterns of activity throughout the brain and central nervous system. New information is beginning to show new ways of thinking about the human race and their relationship to their surroundings that enhance rather than detract from ideas of individual freedom. This in turn gives some new meaning not only to “reality” and “self” but also to “freedom.”

Have you ever had an experience where you felt happy or wise? Sometimes you may feel connected to everything then suddenly an experience comes along that makes you feel equally disconnected. Through experiences you will realize that opportunities and emotional cycles have their ups and downs. During hard times awareness gives you faith to know that “this too shall pass.”

One of the most valuable techniques, you can use, is to not buy into a belief system that tells you your problems are unchangeable. Some people allow their thoughts to continuously go too; “My situation will never get better” or “Nobody understands what I am going through.” A positive attitude is one where people stop negative brain chatter before it consumes their attitude. These “Human Beings” prefer to evaluate the problem and seek support through meditations for the answer. Joyful people take time for spiritual growth and meditation.

It is important to know the value of living in the present. Take time to appreciate a beautiful sunset, a good conversation, or a well-prepared meal; slow down to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Take time to find your spiritual connection with nature. Examine the past, let it go and listen to your heart’s true desire to help you discover what is next.

A Message from The Master Germain


Master Germain was an ancient Master of wisdom. From spheres of “Universal Matter” Master Germain brings Universal knowledge to earth. He rules by Light, every area of life; his empire is one of beauty, symmetry and perfection un-exceeded in the physical world. These heavenly patterns of energy surround the crystal chalice we know as Earth.

“Self’s” components can get in the way of reality if you do not trust “Self.” When you trust your reality then “Self” can grow. You learn happiness through wisdom and inner peace. Each time you face a new challenge, learn from it and grow. Deepen your understanding of the divine plan of the Universe. Life is not without bumps, bruises or scars. Do not let the discouraging moments in life to cause you to say “Why me?” Despite momentary frustrations and regardless of unpleasant past experiences or difficult current life situations, take responsibility for your happiness; move on gracefully. Your strategies can enable you to prosper in a world with challenges.

The art of living gracefully can be compared to catching the wind and sailing to your destination no matter which way the wind blows. If the wind is astern, you’re shooting forward. If it’s abeam, you set your sails to skim leaning toward your destination. If you’re heading into the wind, you can tack, this way you still get where you’re destined. In stormy weather you trim the sails or just luff into the wind until it is over. When there is no wind then you stop and rest.

Being graceful with your “Self’s” reality will create a natural flow and you will not have to think. You will know how to go with the flow, trimming your sails, steering as events demand. Your destination remains constant.

Look at your “Self” like a garden, provide loving care and patience. You will create a calmer, more relaxed way of living. It will allow your everyday challenges to be met with strength, courage and with out stress. You will learn to treat stress as if it were weeds. Stress sprouts in unwanted places, choking out the fun and beauty of life. A garden brings a sense of serenity, peace, harmony and happiness. Growing your own personal garden is a metaphor for managing your life. There are four steps to the process that will allow you more control of life. This will increase your productivity at work or with relationships.

  • Prepare the Ground
  • Plant your seeds
  • Grow your garden
  • Maintain your Garden

Prepare your ground; identify the life markers that are important to you. It may be abundance, a spouse, health etc. Plant your seeds through meditation and be patient to maintain your growth.

What you get out of life is in direct proportion to the choices you make. You have to assume responsibility for knowing who you are. Imagine a path that feels right, make your choice to move towards it, you will then develop Self-Mastery. Do not blame others for your decisions or problems. Mastery is about taking charge of your own emotions. Then you can control the reactions that you might later regret. Mastery is about taking responsibility for all you actions, be the kind person you aspire to be. For more zest in life, pursue success from the inside out. Find a clear focus by tuning in to what is best for you. Do not block your success with negative thinking that lead to limited solutions; instead surround yourself with inspiration. A great life is born in your soul it expands into your mind, then the spark will live in your heart.”

Our real journey in life is interior

It is a matter of growth, deepening,

And of an ever greater surrender

To the creative action of love

And grace in our hearts.”

Thomas Merton

With love, Shirley

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