Coherence Awakening

We have entered a “new age” of healing energy for ourselves, and our planet. Our consciousness, and awareness, is rapidly expanding and we are feeling it. Specific light and wave frequencies have the ability to bring a myriad of changes, both positive and negative. Among some of the beneficial changes are: increased vitality and circulation, calmness, well-being personal growth, energy balanced emotions and empowerment. It will create more harmonious personal growth with a deeper connection to your source through spiritual growth. Light and sound are tools for true transformation connected to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual “Self”.

Master Morya first appeared to me in Arlington, Texas after I had returned from a hectic two weeks of traveling.

I knew it was time to be quite so I could get focused again and stop the brain chatter. I disconnected the phone, turned on the “Music From The Hearts of Space” tape by Shiho and laid down to relax. I could feel the tension leaving my body as the different musical tones started playing. When the harp tones began their soft sounds it caused my heart to feel warm. It was then Master Morya appeared.

His appearance was commanding, he had a dark beard, wore a jeweled turban wrapped around his head and strong flashing eyes letting me know his love energy was strong, he had an important message.Master Morya

“Master Koot Hoomi Lal Singh and I have a close association,” he told me. “Our Divine Purpose is projected by the energy of Will, Power, Love and Wisdom in an effort to help people achieve a strong sense of unity and love for humanity. Our co-operative energy will eventual lead to peace and understanding on earth. It’s time for people to be aware and realize the importance of sound waves and light energy.”

Master Morya’s Message:

Existence, what is called life or the universe, is multi-dimensional. It is enormous in scope and is perceived in many different ways. There are two chief dimensions, or levels, that are relevant to human experience. First Earth’s dimensional surface level, what you know as the day-to-day world. The second is a stronger level, the universe, which is open-ended and considered infinite. The dimension that threads these varying levels together is measured in terms of coherence. Its property is a set of waves or sources of waves in which the oscillations maintain a fix relationship to each other.

Here is an example to help you illumine what coherence means. Consider all of reality as a television set. Sometimes the picture is good and sometimes not so good. Some pass their days watching a picture that has a lot of snow, or noise, on it. The picture is not clear; there may be wavy sections or lots of unwanted dots flickering on the screen along with the desired program. Such noise corresponds to pain, greed and unfulfilled needs. As the level of reality deepens the coherence improves. The picture on the TV set gets clearer creating less distortion and confusion. Eventually the picture becomes, as it should be. This corresponds to the conventional religious notion of a heaven.

Another example is a car that is badly in need of a tune-up, one that sputters and smokes and makes a racket and stalls now and then. This would be like existence as we know it here on earth. A smooth sailing noise-free, pollution-free car would correspond to a much happier level of existence. Fixing the television or the car corresponds to fine-tuning the mind. As your consciousness becomes more refined, it has access to more levels of the Universe. The most important way presently known to do this is through meditations.

Looking at the individual structure first of all, “What is the self?” Human beings have three basic parts: a body, a mind and a soul. The soul is basically dormant until it can be enlivened through various means. When the word “Self” is used, it means people who have fully connected their heart and soul and integrated it with their mind and body.

What is this life all about? The two main life forces that you experience are, a need for self-actualization and a need to belong to something greater than yourself. These are forces that are transpersonal. They go beyond your individual desires; there will be a desire for safety, food, companionship, community, meaning, actualization and fulfillment. The culmination of these desires is the need to transcend the “Self.” It’s the highest motivation you have to become more than you are. There are two very distinct ways that you can achieve this. Both of them are very appropriate. Both are in harmony with the flow of nature. They derive from the universal impulse of differentiation and integration.

Imagine that the entire sphere of existence has taken the form of a music box. The box is the content for the music, and the music is the content of the box. The box represents the deepest level of being that is in you and the universe. The music represents the endless parade of experience that all beings and the universe share. The marchers in this celestial parade are the musical notes. So for instance, each one is a note in some song within this box. Differentiation refers to the natural movement of the notes to assemble themselves into more and more complex forms—notes become phrases, phrases become songs, songs become symphonies, etc.

On a human level this equates to your growth as individual. You strive to become healthier, happier and wiser. This is entirely in accord with nature. This spirituality then leads to higher levels of consciousness, which still possess a clear sense of identity as being different than the box. Your divine journey of gradual harmonization occurs, when an individual song is so beautifully crafted it makes a natural transformation for your “Self.”Coherence Awakening

The universe started as a “Big Bang” into a multitude of celestial bits and pieces. Ever since, a self-organizing principle has seen creation begin to build its “Self” back up into higher and more complex life forms. As an example Earth has evolved from a simple chemical soup through dinosaurs and onwards to a modern day form and pace of life.

This develops mental coherence for the left and right hemispheres of the brain to enter these two cosmic streams. The various forms of meditation and prayer that are used throughout all the world’s mystical traditions address either one or both of these developed areas.

When you’re in tune in with life you will find yourself doing everything at the right time. All you have to do to get into tune is take time to go into the silence to find your direct contact. This is why those times of peace and stillness are so vitally important for you. A musical instrument, when it is out of tune, creates discord; you, when you are out of tune, do the same. A musical instrument has to be kept in tune; you, too, have to keep yourself in tune, and you cannot do it unless you take time to be still. It cannot be done when you are rushing around anymore than a musical instrument can be tuned while it is being played. It is in the silence that the notes can be heard and be readjusted.

Manna From the Master for “Coherence Awakening”

Take time to meditate with soft soothing music. It relaxes the body, mind and soul.

Remember to take deep breaths through out the day. Deep breathing cleanses the old energy and brings in the new. It helps to clear the mind and body.

Be flawless with words. Your word is a sound, it’s a force and it’s a power that creates the events in your life.

Experience your freedom. Freedom is your spirit that brings out who you really are.

Do your best. Best is never going to be the same from one moment to the other since everything is alive and changes all the time.

When you wake up in the morning affirm to “Self” today is going to be a good, prospers and fun day.

Have laughter in your life. As the old saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

“We moderns have been so busy studying the world without that we have largely forgotten to study the world within.”

Written by Paul Brunton.

With love, Shirley

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