“Life’s Adjustment”

People are processing earth’s catastrophic events, events that have changed many lives. It’s important to walk through these emotional times with a quite mind and allow the love in your heart to flow. Your heart and mind is a power source that creates beautiful colors and tones helping earth to grow into harmony. Earth is crying out for more caring love energy. Its time for all to meditate, send love, colors, peace and harmony circling inside and out earth. It’s the power of love that connects the faith into any reality. The beauty is when you spread loving thoughts over earth it creates more peace and harmony. Love is a power, a force, and an energy of all frequencies that carries forever and ever.

Master Koot Hoomi Lal Singh first appeared while I was meditating in Half Moon Bay, California. His appearance was strong, a tall noble man, with a golden brown beard. He was not heavily built, had a fair complexion, with deep blue eyes, pouring out love and wisdom,

“I am your Master. I’m the high man of power.” He said.

“If you are the high man of power and you are a Master? Why have you chosen me?” I asked?

“When the pupil is ready the Master appears.” He answered.

Master Koot Hoomi Lal Singh

The Master Koot Hoomi by David Anrias

“My energy is from the Love-Wisdom Ray and is deeply implicated in vitalizing and proclaiming esoteric teachings. I have been presented with the task of stimulating the latent factor of love, lying dormant in human hearts. I help people awaken to their consciousness of their love power.”

“Those who have love in their heart will feel the need to exhale it all around, for such is the nature of true love. It is like the sun when its once admitted into a room, it illuminates everything, even the ugly things as well as the beautiful.”

Master Koot Hoomi Lal Singh’s Message:

“Its time to increase happiness. Most people equate happiness with a cheerful emotion, like a Phyllis Driller’s hardy laugh or winning the lottery. Having a positive emotion may take some skills to amplify the intensity and duration of your pleasures. Become one with “yourself” while absorbing and immersing in your work, love, friendship and leisure. Transcend yourself to engage in identifying your strengths and virtues; it will strengthen your happiness.”

“In life be aware of signs showing if it is wise to continue on the path you have chosen. If it is a struggle let it go and construct a new plan. Brainpower may create something that is not in your best interest so its wise to make changes. Adjustment and growth in the technique is powered by your will with ease and certainty. Meditation is the instrumental means by which the aspirant passes from level to level. Each level of growth produces its characteristic unsettlement in the mental life. It has been said that the first efforts to still the mind, preparatory to meditation, has the effect of making it adopt every possible attitude of disobedience and resentment of the restraint imposed upon it. The mind likes to go on its own accustomed way, uncontrolled and occupied objectively with unceasing restlessness with every passing matter of interest and of no enduring value. When the resolve comes, set to work to over come wasteful activity and confine thought to well-defined channels of expression for higher purposes, the mind takes a determined stand to maintain its old routine. This preliminary difficulty soon passes with practice, okay start adjusting to new ideas, larger views, and the increasing force of your emotional energy.”

“Your emotional unfoldment will progress into an awakening of new situations. It will blend and harmonize with a different octave of the Cosmic keyboard. It will be received like a fresh impetus strengthening into the spiritual and universal realms for new faculties of energy. Use your dual awareness and watch the same circumstances from two different angles. One eye may be on the nitty-gritty details of a situation, while the other eye sees the supreme consciousness that creates, guides, and exists as the spirit of everything. For example, you can experience and express your opinions about worldly events without being torn apart by gnawing anger or stifling frustrations.”

“With dual awareness you can learn to live in the world, while still seeing beyond the illusions of this world. You are in the world, but not of it. With dual awareness, you can have the best of both worlds – spiritual and material – rather than always feeling unbalanced on one side or the other.”

“Once you understand that your mind is the source of happiness, you have an opportunity to consciously take back the reins of your experiences of life. You can look at anything that happens, and think, how can I grow from this? How can I interpret this in a positive way? How can I love, embrace, and make the best of this situation?”

You can enjoy the many benefits that come from intelligent, intentional optimism, including the bright and refreshing sun shower of spiritual happiness. With the blessing of your mind, you’ll approach life with willingness, inspiration, and joyful ease and happiness will follow.”

“The flowering of your personal life comes before the rare bloom of the technique. The garden of the personality, rich and scent/laden with the choice and cultivated growth of past lives, has served its purpose for pleasure and expression in its own place and time. It must now yield itself in all it force and beauty to the nourishment of the tree of spiritual life to dispense knowledge and healing to those who seek the way.”

Manna from the Master for Life’s Adjustments:

  • If your thoughts become negative or go into the past, allow yourself to hold those thoughts for only 5 minutes. Put your thoughts, in a gold balloon, take a deep breath and send it out to the universe with love
  • If you become angry take three deep breaths, send the anger out with love to the universe.
  • When you see changes coming into your life don’t question or try to project them. Flowing with the circumstances allows the energy to be balanced.
  • Identify your strengths and use them in a new way.
  • Daily, record three things that went good for the day and why they did.
  • Increase your optimism by learning to recognize and dispute catastrophic thoughts.
  • If you don’t know your “Self” you will be fooled into wanting things that you don’t need.
  • Play soft soothing music. It sooths the soul.
  • Happiness is your birthright, and you can uncover that happiness through intention and practice. Daily Meditations is the answer.
  • Show your love for all to see for I am you and you are me.

The good, the bad, the hardship, the joy, the tragedy, love and happiness are all interwoven into one single, indescribable whole that is called life.”

– Jacqueline Kennedy

With love, Shirley

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