“Self Love True Attainment” continued Part #2

“Self” Love Is True Attainment
Vibrating From The Soul
The Truth of Your Heart’s flow
Brings forth the needed energy
Creating an abundance in your life

Shirley Explains:

Maggy’s story made me wonder if there was such a thing as a perfect marriage. I Guess what one needs to do is first take care of themselves or find a “Love Doctor.” Maggy laughed and said, “Everyone is their own “Love Doctor.” They may get ideas from others however it’s up to each individual as to what they do.”

Self Love True Attainment

After the sun broke through the clouds we walked outside for a better view of the bright rainbow arched across the back yard. “The heavens know how to paint a beautiful picture after a storm” Maggy said. I took my shoes off, walked on the damp grass and took a few deep breaths.

“This is invigorating, like a re-birth.” I said.

Maggy looked up observing the rainbow and said “Soulmate is a term that has been overused and not easily understood. The quest for love or the perfect mate can be a challenge if you don’t understand your “Self.” Soulmates coming together is a matter, which goes beyond loving companionship or great sex; it’s truly a deep connection.

It’s about the soul, that magical, mysterious core of “Self” which contains the experience of the ages and a commitment to your source of your “Self” evolving past your ego “box.” When Soulmates come together in a relationship it is so they can grow as one soul experiencing a love relationship in each body. The connection may stir things up causing each other to face challenges. The true purpose of Soulmates meeting is to help the “self” grow into its original soul.”

Self Love True Attainment

“The true art of love deals with your feelings, conscious, subconscious, emotions and spirituality. Love is an art and you are the artist. To paint a beautiful picture you have to be true to “Self.” You first have to commit to an unconditional love with yourself and then to your partner. At times you may feel anger or feel like emotionally attacking your partner, which is an energy that indulgences in negative battles with your ego. It’s not wise to attack or judge each other instead share loving observations, Spiritual discernments and preferences.

The Spiritual art of love forgives and communicates in a calm, rational unconditional loving manner. The Superconscious represents the Soul, your Spiritual Higher Self, and when recognized it will manifest a tremendous desire within you for a relationship to be filled with spiritual purity and integrity. If you understand “Self” physically, emotionally, mental and spiritually then you are ready for a healthy relationship.”

The following are a few helpful tips:

  1. Be willing to forgive, apologize or admit mistakes.
  2. Be honest with your “Self” in the highest Spiritual sense, it will manifest honesty in the relationship.
  3. Develop a high degree of individual self-mastery, self-discipline and spiritual awareness.
  4. If negative feelings and emotions manifest, you and partner must communicate. You have to take the responsibility that each causes their own reality by how you think. In this vein no one is blamed for how the other feels.
  5. Remember birthdays, anniversaries and holidays.
  6. Tell each other you love them as often as possible, be affectionate with a touch or kiss.
  7. If a difference of opinion arises be willing to communicate until the issue is satisfied for both.
  8. Have respect for each other.
  9. Don’t try to walk ahead, be willing to walk hand in hand with each other.

Meditation for “Self Love Is True Attainment”

  1. Visualize pink and blue flowing inside your body, from your toes to the crown of your head.
  2. Visualize your Charkas. At the base of your Spine feature – Red, Stomach – Orange, Solar Plexus – Yellow, Heart – Green, Throat – Blue, Third Eye (forehead) – Indigo, and the Top of the Head – Gold.
  3. Visualize these colors flowing outside your body forming your own cocoon.
  4. Take three deep breaths and relax with your colors.
  5. Seal the top of your head with Gold.

After meditating your body will be energized and it would be wise to journal what you desire in a relationship. Be very specific about the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual desires you both have. In a few days re-read what was written and edit if necessary.

With love, Shirley

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