Qualifications Part – 3 Continued Good Conduct

Good Conduct
Will put a smile on your face
And take away life’s dark clouds
Creating a sunny Pathway
So Says Maggy

Shirley’s Explanation about Good Conduct

Maggy and I drove through “Forest Park” looking at its great beauty while searching for the perfect spot to relax and talk.

Forest Park is located in the heart of St Louis, and is a natural oasis, known to many as the soul of the city. There are monuments, historic buildings, wildlife, waterways, picnic grounds, golf and tennis clubs. The landscapes form a unique cultural center where people of all ages, races and economic backgrounds gather. Sitting on a park bench, Maggy and I watched the lively scene.

 Good Conduct 
 Good Conduct 

There were people in paddleboats, children flying kites, and soccer games. “In 1904, at the age of nine, Dad and I attended the St. Louis World’s Fair here in Forest Park,” Maggy said. “I remember seeing several amazing huge ivory white palaces, adorned with architectural details. Columns or arches or lions’ heads, all dazzling in the sun and glowing by electric light at night. It was exciting to watch the first U.S. Olympics with proud natives from distant lands being treated as honored guests. It is said this World’s Fair introduced ice cream cones, iced tea, and was where the hot dog met French’s mustard. Later when I met Duke we would ride through here in his limo while making our future plans.”

Good Conduct

“Does this place bring up sad memories?” I asked.

Maggy chuckled and then answered with a firm “no.” “Memories are always with us,” she said. “We must have “Good Conduct” and be cheerful with our choices.”
I knew Maggy had made some difficult choices, such as not waiting for Duke to return from the war, and choosing to return to her career in entertainment rather than stay at home.
“Some people would say I made negative or even tragic choices in love and family life,” she explained. “However I see my choices as being positive because I learned some valuable lessons. I was successful with my singing career, and later, as mayor of Herrick, and along the way, I had a fulfilling personal life.”

“I’m not sure what you mean when you talk about ‘Good Conduct’?”
It was always enchanting to watch Maggy go into her teacher’s mode when asked a question. Her eyes got an extra sparkle and her voice rose higher, the words of wisdom flowing out. She said “Good Conduct” has six important points:

  1. Self – Control of Mind. A calm mind gives you courage, allowing any difficulties to be faced without fear. Everyone has troubles now and then; with a calm mind, you can clear worries or fears away and lighten the situation. It’s also important not to feel sadness or depressed about any of your thoughts or actions. Look at life in a cheerful learning way. It is a process of balancing “Self” and why we are here on Earth.
  2. Self – Control in Action. When thoughts are where they should be, you will not have trouble with your actions. They work hand in hand, creating courage in action so that you achieve what you desire.
  3. Tolerance – In order to have tolerance it’s a must to be free from judgment and ego.
  4. Cheerfulness – You must bear life cheerfully. When something comes in a suffering way, be thankful it wasn’t any worse. Cheerfulness is a rule to live by and laughter is the best medicine.
  5. One-Pointedness – Don’t allow anything or anyone to turn you away, even for a moment, from your one chosen path. Be truthful and love yourself and you will do the same with others.
  6. Confidence – You must trust and know yourself in a confident way. Without trust in yourself, you have no perfect flow of Love. Trusting your heart, you will know Love’s power.

The six points seem so basic, yet it was refreshing to hear them from another source. I thought about how life truly isn’t that complicated when you know how to step aside from any condition that rises up.

“The ancients said, ‘Know Thy Self, And Thy Know All.'” Maggy said. “When you think you know your “self,” look a little deeper, for “self” always has something to teach. This is all a part of the process of growing toward a higher frequency of Love and Light.”


This meditation is to clear your mind of unhealthy desires.

  1. Take a deep breath, count to 10 and exhale. Do this three times.
  2. Visualize Pink and Blue flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. Visualize yourself walking on a spiritual path filled with nature’s glory.
  4. Walk this path up to a beautiful mountain top.
  5. Stand on top of the mountain hold your arms up high into the sky and feel the Universe flowing through your hands and inside your body.
  6. Visualize yourself sitting on the ground relaxing with the new energy flow.
  7. After completing this exercise, close the meditation by flowing a Silver color around your body.
  8. Visualize the colors emerald green, gold and white flowing through your body and out into the universe.
  9. In closing this meditation, open your eyes and take 3 deep breaths.

This meditation clears your energy field, creating a new and enlightened vibration. This refreshing energy will enhance your goals from within your heart’s desire and set you on the path to Good Conduct.

With love, Shirley

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