Qualifications – Part 2 Continued Desirelessness

Desirelessness is energy
It must be meek and mild
Make sure your desires
Come from the Heart
Not your mind.
So Says Maggy

Shirley’s Explanation about Desirelessness

Maggy was hungry for veal parmesan, so we decided to eat at the “Old Spaghetti Factory” at Laclede’s Landing by the Eads Bridge.


This area was another sentimental place for Maggy. Every night after her performance, Duke took her to the Eads Bridge to catch a train across the river into Dupo, Illinois where she lived. The restaurant was an old warehouse jammed full of whimsical antiques with booths made from iron bedsteads, velvet armchairs, and fringed lamps — what some might call “grandma’s place gone oddly awry” We were seated in a bedstead booth in a quiet corner, eating from a basket of warm garlic bread. I wanted to hear more about the second qualification for the spiritual path, desirelessness.
“I have desires,” I said to Maggy, “so does that prohibit my spiritual

Maggy took a sip of iced tea. “Some people misunderstand the qualification of desirelessness,” she said. “They feel that if their unique desires are to be set aside, then there will be no “Self” left. Desirelessness is not about judging people by what they want or interfering with beliefs or disrespecting the freedom of choice. We all have desires. However, if you’re not careful, selfish desires can stop life’s free flow.” Maggy explained that it’s simple, but necessary to ask yourself if your desires are truly from the heart or the mind. “The mind has to be watched carefully as it can direct your desires in a selfish way. When you have a desire, go to the root of the desire and ask your heart if it is a wise choice.” This can be done, she told me, through meditation or by asking to be shown the answer in a dream.

Then Maggy told me of the time – years, really — she allowed her desire to be ruled by the mind. “As a child, I was not happy, and I longed to grow up to have a family of my own and to live in a beautiful country home. I felt that my desire would fill a void in my heart. After choosing a career rather than waiting for my true love, Duke, to return from the War, the desire became stronger. Years passed. I got the farmhouse and a husband, but not Duke. I remember thinking how great destiny was. I soon learned that I hadn’t married the man for me. Not only was my husband, Sid, a womanizer, he was sterile. We adopted a child together, and soon learned the baby we chose was handicapped. I did my best to make the marriage work, however Sid didn’t want the child or me in his life. I learned a hard lesson and finally realized this was not my heart’s desire or destiny. Hindsight is a great teacher. Staying in that unhappy marriage, mentally rationalizing that it was the right thing to do, would have been selfish by keeping me from flowing with my life’s journey.”

“I have a desire,” I said to Maggy when she was finished, long after dessert was served. “When I ask you a question, would you give me the direct answer instead of telling a story?” We giggled like schoolgirls.

Then Maggy said, “A wise teacher will set a good example in helping guide the student and will always allow them free will and choice. You are starting to realize just like I had to. Experiences are life’s way of tempering you to become stronger and more independent, not reliant on another’s will or desires.”



This meditation is to clear your mind of unhealthy desires.

  1. Stand in front of a mirror… some like to have a candle; if so, place it on your left.
  2. Start by breathing in through your nose, taking air in slowly and deeply while expanding your stomach outward, then filling your chest area.
  3. Hold the air in for a moment and then exhale the air in your stomach area, pulling the stomach in as you exhale, then compress the chest area until you have exhaled completely.
  4. Picture Pink and Blue colors flowing inside your body, from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head.
  5. Now look deep into your eyes and once you have a good focus, ask your questions.
  6. After completing this exercise, close the meditation by flowing a Silver color around your body.

By looking into your own eyes, the mind is taking action. The eyes are the window to your Soul, and with this connection your questions will rise from the heart with answers.

With love, Shirley

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