Life Happens

Life happens
As it’s supposed to
Sometimes fun
Other times bleak
It’s all in your perception
And in the truth of your actions
Let’s all join hands
Sing out with glee
To the creation of Life
Through the heart’s loving beat
The Universal Tone

After attending a National Law Enforcement conference in New Orleans, I took a day to enjoy the wonders of this great city. While walking to the French Quarters for lunch I noticed a young homeless man pushing a grocery cart filled with trash bags and bottles. As he got closer, I couldn’t help notice his dirty ragged clothes, matted hair and weather-beaten face. As we approached each other, he smiled and raised a dollar bill in the air.

He told me his name was Joseph and that Jesus told him to give me the dollar. Shaking my head, trying to refuse it, his face expressed bewilderment. Rather than upsetting him, I took the dollar.Life Happens

I walked to the “Court Of Two Sisters” restaurant located in the French Quarter. In their large courtyard, fountains, a jazz band played soothing music under a canopy of wisteria, and later, I dined on tasty Creole seafood before heading over to Jackson Square.

Walking along the Mississippi River bank I could see Jackson Square, the most historic structure in the French Quarter.Life Happen

Sitting in the Square gardens near a statue of General Andrew Jackson, I was charmed by the artists who were painting and sketching portraits, and displaying their artwork on the fence. After a while, I took out the dollar bill from my purse. I thought how Joseph needed it more than I. How sad that he was homeless and appeared to be lost.

I felt the urge to write in my journal book. This shouldn’t happen, a young man being homeless, I wrote.

Once the sentence was completed, words started flowing as though the pen had all the answers:
“Life does happen in its own way, and who are you to judge the intentions of this young man?

Sometimes life happens the way you think it shouldn’t, but in truth that is a lie. Life happens exactly as it’s supposed to because every moment is perfect – after all you are the designer.
There is no imperfection in any moment of your life, only the imperfection of your perception of truth. Life is in the acceptance of what you have projected to understand. Just like the saying, ‘Life Happens,’ for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Actions are like teapots; your intentions are what you put into the teapot. An intention is not a wish, for a wish does not cause anything to happen. An intention does create everything that you experience. You can put a variety of teas and what you taste while drinking from it depends on what you put in. Life is the same. When you put intentions of your Soul into your teapot and fill it with Love, then Love you will pour from your cup. The most important thing to do is bless the young man of gentle smile and clear eyes, allowing him to do as he intended. Be like the artist and flow with life, like his paintbrush to the canvas.”


  1. Relax and take three deep breaths.
  2. Visualize Pink and Blue inside your body, flowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. Take another deep breath. As you exhale, picture Turquoise and Gold.
  4. Flow the colors to your Heart. Circle the Heart with turquoise, gold and white Light.
  5. After clearing your Heart with these colors, you will see a diamond. Look into the diamond and see clear and sparkly prisms.
  6. If there are any dark prisms, take that prism and encircle with Gold and Emerald green swirls clockwise until it changes into rainbow colors.
  7. With your rainbow colors flowing, visualize yourself in a small canoe, gently floating on a still lake – floating along the path of light made by the sun rising above the eastern hills. Seabirds are flying nearby; their outstretched wings catch the sunlight as they fly high in the sky. Feel the urge to join them and you have the wings to do so. Stretch your white wings into the sunlight – feel the breeze bearing you skyward — laughing, singing, and reveling in the beauty of the sky, earth and the lake.
  8. Close the meditation by gently flying back into the canoe, rejoicing over your beautiful free flight. Take a deep breath. Relax and know you have cleared your Heart and Soul. It is pure Light and Love.

*The energy from this meditation vibrates the colors of a rainbow and clears any darkness in your heart caused from life’s hurts and struggles. When your heart vibrates at this higher frequency, you create a harmonic pattern for more success in your everyday life. You will feel more love for yourself in a joyful way.

With love, Shirley

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