Life’s Garden

Life’s Garden Is Beautiful
It can be Sweet
to keep clean and neat
Clear out the weeds
Protect it from those
Who love to take
Patience is your virtue
It’s the way of life
Big with blessings
of Light and Love of Self.

“The Universe is a beautiful garden where everything grows as an expression of the Universal Spirit. In the same way, you are the creator of a garden on Earth that reflects your spirit. It is through the care of this garden that you are able to manifest what you desire on the purest level. Think of Trees, Flowers, the song of birds, the dance of waves on the shore, as all part of your Self…and you are the caretaker.”

So Says Maggy

Shirley’s Explanation about Life’s Garden

Maggy and I were sitting in Pacifica, California on a park bench, looking at a beautiful rock shaped pyramid flower garden. Sunbeams streamed through the tall trees. I felt like I was watching a lightdance of fairies. My body relaxed and embraced the natural pageant. I noticed Maggy was deep in silence, too. It occurred to me that it takes a good gardener to keep such a place looking nice. Just as I thought this, Maggy turned and said,

  Reflecting Pool 

“It takes courage for a good gardener to keep his place beautiful, just as we must tend to our life’s garden.”

Maggy went on to explain how having courage to care for your garden helps rid yourself of any poisons such as fear, greed, hate, jealousy, envy – and the most dangerous – the lack of integrity. It helps to be watchful for intruders that eat away at your garden, never minding the effect on your life, takings your energy to nurture him or herself.

“Picture a crystal lake,” Maggy told me, “in the center of your garden. The water reflects the sky, trees and flowers around you. Your garden is even lovelier as it reflects the truth of your heart and tranquil vibration of your energy.”

She reminded me that the mind cannot understand or know truth, for the mind is often a turbulent sea at the mercy of emotions ruled by likes and dislikes. Whereas the mind of the heart will watch over this lake and will reflect goodness, beauty, wholeness, purity, patience, love, truth, and other virtues. If you think about the beauty of a butterfly’s wing or the petal of a rose, you will begin to get a glimpse of the unity and perfection of this plan. As a good gardener you must also preserve strength in your heart. Allow only good thoughts in your garden. The light you give to your garden, you will also absorb within. Your loving qualities will make your garden and life grow and thrive.

“If God had only sent us with a manual on Life, how simple it would be,” I thought to myself, and then said aloud to Maggy.

“God did,” she laughed. “It’s all within.”

  Spring Reflections 

Meditation for a Beautiful Garden

  1. Stretch Your body. Relax and take three deep breaths.
  2. Visualize Pink and Blue inside your body, glowing from your toes to the top of your head.
  3. Take another deep breath. As you exhale, picture indigo flowing inside your body.
  4. Take a deep breath. As you exhale, picture white flowing inside your body.
  5. See yourself standing by your infinite and eternal Life’s Garden of Love.
    You are standing beside your crystal lake, filled with peace.
    Look over your garden to see if there are any weeds or intruders eating your garden. If so, first ask yourself why you allowed them in. Then, picture them inside a gold bubble and blow them away through three deep breaths. Watch the gold bubbles turn into something beautiful in your garden.
  6. Look at how perfect and beautiful your garden is. Notice how it reflects the deep blue still lake in the center. Be still…and you will gradually become aware of the reflection in the water of the perfect six-pointed Star. As you gaze, the Star becomes the form of the shining One…You

Close the meditation with a deep breath and relax. You now hold in your heart Life’s Garden, neat and clean filled with harmony, joy, peace and love.
This meditation has an energy that vibrates a new creation and you will feel an increase of stamina, self-trust, self-esteem, faith and courage.
It’s a wonderful feeling to have a lighter energy and be more powerful within yourself.

With love, Shirley

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