Open the Door to 2004

“You can toast the New Year
With a yell and scream
Or you can sleep through
And have fun with your dreams
Blessings, Balance, Unity & Security
Is this year’s thrust
Let’s join together
And send out our love”

In the still of the night, when the clock struck twelve, 2004 came rolling in. Each New Year brings forth different energy vibrations filled with the Universe’s blessings. Greet this year bravely and with abundance for it’s time to score your goals.

So Says Maggy

Shirley’s Explanation for Open the Door to 2004

It was a cold dreary New Years day. Maggy and I were nestled in her home, enjoying the roaring flames in the fireplace. From her dining room table, we looked outside at the yard where red birds were eating at the feeders and squirrels were uncovering their treasures of nuts. Maggy served tea from a Chinese teapot – making it an extra special occasion – brewing a blend of Green Tea. While waiting for the tea, she began telling me about the power of the New Year:Door

“Most people don’t realize that when a new year arrives, so does a shift of energy,” she said. “Through numerology you can better understand the earth’s vibrational frequency and how that affects you.” She told me how Pythagoras, the ancient master of numbers, established the theory of sound, the slant of the zodiacal circle, the sun as the center of the universe and the diatonic scale. He based his teachings on mathematics, music and astronomy, which he considered the basis of all science and art.

“Numbers can give you a plan of action much like a road map, and can guide you to use your special talents,” Maggy told me. “The philosophy behind numbers will help you better understand yourself. At the same time, knowing yourself enables you to be more compassionate and considerate of others’ shortcomings. The study of this technique will help you to make a contribution to society that brings immeasurable returns.” The tea infused the room with fresh life. After pouring the tea into china cups, she said, “It is time to teach you numerology so you can pass it on to help others.”

Numerology for 2004

2004 = 2+0+0+4= 6
The number “6” represents a Universal Year filled with creativity, strong family ties, group consciousness, and a balance in security and stability.

Numerology for your Personal Year:

To know Numerology for your “personal year”: add your birthday month, date, and the year 2004.
For example: if your birthday is September 10th, add 9+10 +2004 = 7 Personal year.

The meaning for each Personal Year

  1. Personal Year — This year is one for new beginnings and is an energizing force for success. It is time for you to put your ideas into action to employ what you desire. A #1 personal year symbolizes ambition, invention, and progression. Negative aspects of this #1 personal year bring out the egotistical, selfish or eccentric energy in you. The color for this year is
  2. Personal Year — A year to balance your personal life and career. It will be a slower moving year, which will help you gather information to fulfill any circumstances that need to be cared for. A #2 Personal Year symbolizes understanding, receptivity, and cooperation. The negative #2 aspects can make you vacillate or shy about making progress for life changes. The color for this year is Orange.
  3. Personal Year — It’s a year of high emotions, one that needs to be calmed by creative endeavors. Emotions are like gas to an automobile, and the force is how you apply your energy. #3 constructively is to be artistic, sociable and enthusiastic about life. The negative #3 aspects to watch for include being overly critical, superficial, and careless. The color for the year is Yellow
  4. Personal Year — You will find security and stability important this year. You will desire security above all else, whether it is economic or emotional. Create your own security by sensibly conserving your resources, and then you will feel a strong sense of stability. It’s time to look around and see if you want to make life changes. In making any changes it is necessary to build a strong foundation that will last and support you. You can’t afford a flimsy foundation, so work diligently and precisely to establish yourself as a strong individual. Concentration, dependability, and organization are constructive highlights. The negative #4 energy can reveal that side of you that is stubborn, self-righteous, and phlegmatic. The color for this year is Green
  5. Personal Year — Freedom to live according to your precepts is essential to your spirit. It’s a fast year that will include travel and selling ideas easily to others. You will know how to change conditions cleverly and quickly to ease any situation. Constructively, a #5 personal year is reflected in the ability to be adaptable, progressive, and resourceful. A negative #5 manifests in irresponsibility, carelessness, and thoughtlessness. The color for this year is Turquoise
  6. Personal Year — You will notice family and relationships are more important in the #6 year. You will feel compelled to show others what to do and how to do it, and your chief concern is for those you love and serve. It’s an emotional year, and best to do creative work for personal life and career. Constructively, a #6 personal year brings compassion and convention. A negative #6 aspect is overly proud, worrisome, and opinionated. The color for this year is Blue.
  7. Personal Year — A year of many changes in your attitude; it’s important not to create interruption for this year. Flow with the changes and accept what you have created. If you don’t like what you’ve created or the foundation you’ve built over the last six years, then meditate and make the necessary changes. #7 personal year means using your intuition, poise and spirituality to succeed. On the negative side, in your #7 personal year could find yourself too critical, melancholy, and skeptical. Color for this year is Violet.
  8. Personal Year — Power and money is what this year is all about. Use it constructively and you will surpass any obstacle in your way. Using this year’s energy constructively is to be an organizer and leader who will flow in balance. A negative #8 aspect manifests in intolerance, stubbornness, and stress. The color for this year is Rose.
  9. Personal Year– #9 is an ending cycle, and is the best time to conclude any unfinished business. Clean out your closets, organize your life, and rest. It is best not to start or purchase anything new as it’s an ending cycle, and if you do, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t last long in your life. In a constructive # 9 personal year, you are tolerant, humane, and creative. It is a high emotional year and best to take nature hikes, meditate, and have a creative outlet. The negative #9 aspect reflects that which is emotional, egocentric, or dissipating. The color for this year is Gold.

Of these teachings, Maggy said: It would be wise to read and practice this system of numerology. It offers a sound procedure for moving toward a constructive way of understanding and living. If you would ask me what to study, I would say: yourself; and when you well have studied this, and ask again what to study next, I would reply “yourself.” He who knows well his lower self, knows the illusion of the world, knows of the things that pass away; and he who knows his higher self knows God. He knows well the things that cannot pass away. It’s a power within all and those who seek shall reap the harvest to a greater life.

Happy New Year with many blessings from Shirley & Maggy.

With love, Shirley

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