Qualifications – Part 4 Continued “Love”

Love has the powerA mighty energy to unfoldKnown to the SoulKnow, feel and believe this truthAnd you will have it AllFor Love is the answerThis says it all. So Says Maggy Shirley’s Explanation of Love Leaving Forest Park in St. Louis, Maggy and I drove to the Historic Drury Plaza Hotel in downtown to spendContinue reading “Qualifications – Part 4 Continued “Love””

Qualifications Part – 3 Continued Good Conduct

Good ConductWill put a smile on your faceAnd take away life’s dark cloudsCreating a sunny PathwaySo Says Maggy Shirley’s Explanation about Good Conduct Maggy and I drove through “Forest Park” looking at its great beauty while searching for the perfect spot to relax and talk. Forest Park is located in the heart of St Louis,Continue reading “Qualifications Part – 3 Continued Good Conduct”

Qualifications – Part 2 Continued Desirelessness

Desirelessness is energyIt must be meek and mildMake sure your desiresCome from the HeartNot your mind.So Says Maggy Shirley’s Explanation about Desirelessness Maggy was hungry for veal parmesan, so we decided to eat at the “Old Spaghetti Factory” at Laclede’s Landing by the Eads Bridge. This area was another sentimental place for Maggy. Every nightContinue reading “Qualifications – Part 2 Continued Desirelessness”

Spiritual Qualifications

Spiritual QualificationsIs a choice you make;There are steps to be taken,And it is wise to beholdFor life’s spiritual pathwayIs the linkTo the understanding of Self,the Power of Love.So Says Maggy Shirley’s Explanation about Spiritual Qualifications Maggy and I were sitting in front of a huge water fountain with the statue “The Runner” at the KienerContinue reading “Spiritual Qualifications”

Giving And Receiving

Giving and Receiving isYour destiny’s creation and wayTo a prosperous Life;Be a cheerful loving giverAnd you will receive moreFor the Universe loves a cheerful giverReturning it tenfoldGiving opens the way for receiving. There is nothing too great to accomplish for those who know the power of their giving and receiving and who follow their intuitiveContinue reading “Giving And Receiving”

Life Happens

Life happensAs it’s supposed toSometimes funOther times bleakIt’s all in your perceptionAnd in the truth of your actionsLet’s all join handsSing out with gleeTo the creation of LifeThrough the heart’s loving beatThe Universal Tone After attending a National Law Enforcement conference in New Orleans, I took a day to enjoy the wonders of this greatContinue reading “Life Happens”

Life’s Sunshine

The Sun is always shiningEven behind the darkest cloudsIt’s known to create new beginningsWith rays from up aboveSuch presence brings joy to earthFrom the Universe’s Love “Radiate joy, and your body will flow with sunrays, which will enhance all your desires within your soul. Like a seed in the ground, when you “enjoy” life and plantContinue reading “Life’s Sunshine”

Life’s Garden

Life’s Garden Is BeautifulIt can be Sweetto keep clean and neatClear out the weedsProtect it from thoseWho love to takePatience is your virtueIt’s the way of lifeBig with blessingsof Light and Love of Self. “The Universe is a beautiful garden where everything grows as an expression of the Universal Spirit. In the same way, you are theContinue reading “Life’s Garden”