“Life’s path is a journey
One that you chose
It’s a God given gift
Known as Free Will”

“Free Will” is a Universal energy your soul carries forever. In balance, “Free Will” energy stirs you to action and movement, causing your desires to manifest. Taking responsibility for your conscious thoughts will transform unbalanced energy, allowing the Universe to respond and assist. Your life’s journey is a choice that must have focus. With determination and courage, all things are possible.

So Says Maggy

Shirley’s Explanation of LIfe

Maggy and I were sitting on a patio at a beautiful hotel resort near Clearwater, Florida. The sun setting in the west skies created a magical view as we sipped our chamomile tea, relaxing our nerves after a long day’s drive. I reached for some snacks when Maggy turned, looked me directly in the eyes and said, “You have questions?”

Immediately the words poured out, “I don’t understand why people ask for my spiritual advice and then don’t follow through. I am not trying to control or run their lives. I’m only trying to help. It’s a waste of time and energy.”Life

Maggy said, “Many people think they will be given a magical golden wand to wave, making everything all right again. The wand they seek is within their actions, and that is how they make necessary changes.” Then she told me about the secret knowledge to Creating Your Own Reality, and how it has been hidden for centuries. “When you uncover this secret,” she said, “you’ll know to take responsibility for the choices you’ve made in life. A choice not to choose is a choice to remain unconscious.” 

Maggy explained that ignoring or remaining indecisive directs your power with irresponsible energy. It is through active and responsible choices that you consciously cultivate the nourishing for your soul with clarity and wisdom. When you ask to receive, accept and make the proper movement to make it so.Life

Staring into my blue eyes, Maggy spoke firmly but lovingly. “Young lady, you have a tendency to try and hold hands with those who ask and that isn’t necessary,” she told me. “After you give advice or message, you have to let it go. It’s not your responsibility, it the individual’s choice.” She reminded me of an ancient saying, “As you walk your path of life there will be many who come from the side roads. You are to stop and give messages, and if they chose to linger, it is a sin to your soul to linger with them. It is their learning lesson.”

I knew when Maggy called me “Young Lady,” it was time to pay attention. There was something I was doing to hold back my spiritual growth. Her words of wisdom touched my heart as I realized that when people ask for help, they are looking for solutions for the choices they’ve made in life. They need to make their way just as my life’s path is my own journey.

Life’s Path Meditation

  1. Stretch Your body, relax and take three deep breaths.
  2. Visualize Pink and Blue inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.
  3.  Visualize Gold flowing inside your entire body.
  4. Visualize yourself walking with a mountain lion on the beautiful white path filled with trees and flowers.
  5. You and the mountain are friends walking with nature and relaxing with a great power.
  6. You walk to this pool of water and sit down on a boulder.
  7. Ask to review your purpose behind your personal beliefs.
  8. Visualize your purpose and desires with movement and action through the colors of pink, blue and emerald green.
  9. Visualize the colors and thoughts flowing from your heart to the Universe.
  10. Feel the Universe’s love flowing energy to assist your desires.
  11. Close the meditation with a golden seal over your heart and relax.

LifeThis meditation with a Mountain Lion walking with you represents a power of leadership for yourself. The Mountain Lion carries a power that affords you to be aware of keeping peace within yourself.

The first responsibility of leadership is to tell yourself the truth. Know and live it and your ability to respond to any situation will be sacred.

With love, Shirley

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