“Dreams really do come true
They can be scary or they can be fun
Sometimes they mean something
Sometimes they mean nothing
So hop aboard the dream train
Being playful through the day
And relaxing at night
Allows your dreams to come true
Making a heart’s delight.”

“Dreams have always led people to try to understand the deeper meaning. Dreams are created through the electromagnetic frequency of the body’s flow with Earth and the Universe. It is an energy born that creates a multi-sensory perception. Because we all have multi-sensory awareness, we have the ability to interpret what dreams are telling us. Some dreams are precognitive, some are emotional releases from our daily routines, and there are some that mean absolutely nothing. When we pay attention to dreams, there will be a flame within that ignites to guide us through daily life.”

So Says Maggy

Shirley’s Explanation of Dreams

The trees were filled with colors of orange, gold, and red, letting me know it was autumn again in Illinois. Walking through the dry foliage, listening to their crunchy sound, I realized that I felt just like fallen leaves–emotionally dried up. For three nights I had the same disturbing dream and was confused. I knew it was time to have tea and talk with Maggy. As I walked into Maggy’s cozy home she called Hickory Haven, I was greeted by her usual cheerful hug. She already had the tea brewing as though she knew I would be arriving. “There is a heaviness about you, as if you’re carrying the world on your shoulders,” she said to me.

DreamsThat afternoon, I poured my worries out at the dining table. “For the last three nights, I’ve dreamed that I am dying. Maggy, I don’t want to die. I feel that life has just begun in many ways. I feel stronger than ever and ready to grow spiritually. And now I have to die? In my dreams, I am lying in a casket, dressed in a purple suite with a pink scarf. My family is around me, crying hysterically. I am trying to send them thoughts that I am fine, but I see that I will die this winter.”

Maggy threw her head back and howled with laughter.

“Your dream means just the opposite,” she told me. ” Death is re-birth and that is exactly what you are doing spiritually. The purple suite is protection, pink scarf is the energy you are receiving, and that fact that your family is upset means they won’t like your changes.” She explained how the brain communicates dreams in code, and that there is a wisdom to learning how to de-code them. Suddenly, Maggy’s interpretation made perfect sense. I was about to make some big changes in my life. And I was concerned with what my family would think.

DreamsDreaming is like watching a story unfold during sleep. You may be an observer or even take part in the story. The dream story will be felt through all your senses because the body is totally relaxed.

Everyone dreams, however not everyone recalls what they saw or felt. What helps is to write down the dreams you remember, and eventually you will find yourself recalling more dreams with more clarity. You dream when in emotional need; otherwise, you won’t remember dreams. When you get stumped about something in life, ask for a dream to show you the right thing to do, and it will happen.Dreams

Dreaming does help maintain memory and makes emotional adjustments within you. It can bring you messages to assist you in the future. Though dreams have been researched scientifically for thousands of years, there is still so much that is unknown. In many religions, dreams are recognized as arising from an emotional or spiritual experience, and can take form as visions or prophesies.
Science and religion, which seem so far apart, are really not so-energy and emotional flow are both the same thing-Love. Love is the Source to understanding the power of dreams.

Meditation On the Source to the Power of Dreams

*This meditation will create changes within that will help you in recalling and decoding your dreams. Everyone has this ability; you just need to be reminded of this gift.

  1. Stretch Your body, relax and take three deep breaths.
  2. Visualize Pink and Blue inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.
  3.  Visualize Orange, Gold, and Turquoise flowing inside your entire body.
  4. Take three deep breaths.
  5. Visualize yourself standing on a beach, watching a whale swimming and jumping up out of the water.
  6. Whales can teach you how sounds and frequencies can be used to balance your emotional body and heal the physical.
  7. Take time to allow this energy to penetrate your entire body.
  8. Close the meditation with White Light around yourself, and seal your heart with gold.

With love, Shirley

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