“Sometimes it’s good to look around

See what life has to offer and what is to be found

Plant your feet firmly on earth’s rich soil

Hold your head high and listen to the Universe

The foundations of these structures are a pattern within

See, feel, listen, and know

You are a powerful person with an infinite soul

That is your Universal connection”

“Taking time to look around gives value in your life. Placing first things first and keeping a correct sense of your spiritual values, your world will be set on a foundation firm as a rock. In all your travels, you will seek the path of a circle, for wherever you go, you will succeed in arriving at your own Self.”

So Says Maggy

Shirley Explains Sometimes:

I couldn’t stop wondering why Maggy offered me an invitation to have dinner at the Carriage Inn in Altamont. She told me to dress in my “best bib and tucker” because we were going to celebrate. As I drove up to her house, she stood in the driveway wearing a beautiful blue dress and suede cape. “What are we celebrating?” I asked, still wondering. All she did was wave her hand and smile, so I knew would have to wait for the answer.Sometimes

After the wonderful meal at the Carriage Inn, she suggested we stay a little later and drink some wine. There was a sparkle in your eyes that night that I recognized–her eyes always shone that way whenever she was about to tell me a story.

She began: “I have watched you take your spiritual growth seriously, and your work to stay grounded. There is an ancient story about the lynx that I want to share with you. The lynx knows the secrets, the dreamtime and the magic. They know how to hold their tongues and when to speak. They have the ability to move through time and space in a way that can open mysteries. The lynx represents a specific type of clairvoyance. Like the lynx, your ability has developed into a treasure chest. You know when to open it and pull out the information from the Universe. I see this power in you now. Do you feel, see and know it?”Sometimes

I took a deep breath. Of course, I was excited to know that I was tapping into spiritual powers. I desired to go further, but felt I was somehow blocking my own way. I felt comfortable with my spirituality, but not very powerful or effective in my everyday life. Perhaps a piece of the puzzle was missing. “I don’t know what it is,” I told Maggy, “But something is missing in my understanding, and I feel you know.”

Maggy knew just what I was talking about. “You are allowing the shadow side of reality to take control. The shadow side can be your fears, hopes or something you are resisting or holding on to.” She suggested that I look within to develop my ideas before talking about them. “Ask yourself where have you’ve been and where do you want to go, and that way you won’t say or do anything immature.”Sometimes

As we drove home that night, I was abuzz with energy. I began to understand that no matter what situation you create–and we all create our own reality–it is important to meditate and release it. That allows you to go beyond place and time to see your visions–and to bring it all down to reality. It will help organize the projects you are undertaking and assist you in finding the next step in your personal life or career. It will assist you to move gracefully through a transformation to the next level.

It’s like climbing a spiritual ladder, I could hear Maggy saying. “If you take the steps, you will connect with the energy of the Universe and receive what you desire.”

Meditation for Sometimes

  1. Picture Pink and blue flowing through the body from your toes to the top of your head.
  2. See yourself sitting in a beautiful meadow with your back to an oak tree.
  3. See the universe connecting with your body.
  4. With this connection you can release and bring in what you desire.
  5. Picture what you need to release.
  6. Picture what you desire.
  7. Feel the love from the Universe giving you energy.
  8. This meditation gives you a Universal energy for release and projection.
  9. Enjoy and know what you desire is of truth and will be.

With love, Shirley

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