“Playfulness is a way of life
It is necessary to clear the mind
A powerful energy it does hold
To relax the mind, body & soul
So Universal blessings will unfold”

“Within each of you is an omnipresent frequency that inspires and manifests desires. Tapping into this frequency allows you to explore your authentic power while aligning the mind, body, and soul. Knowing that all new wonderful ideas originate from the one Divine mind within you and the Universe will automatically give you confidence. How do you tune in to this frequency? Through playfulness and laughter. Playfulness and laughter are not luxuries, but necessities.”

So Says Maggy

Shirley Explains Playfulness

During the last days of my work in law enforcement in Illinois, Maggy and I took a trip to the beautiful San Francisco Bay. First, we went to the San Francisco Cliff House, where we watched the waves pound the huge rocks below, while otters, sea lions, and birds played. The wondrous site stirred my emotions, and tears filled my eyes. When Maggy saw my reaction, she threw her arm around my shoulders and said, “Time for our cup of tea. There is a Japanese Tea Garden that will hit the spot.”

At the Japanese Tea Garden, we walked through huge swinging blue doors and followed a path that led to a sun deck. All around us, the space was filled with trees, bubbling creeks and beautiful ponds with koi, moss covered boulders, statues, and flowers. As we sat sipping tea, Maggy was quiet, as if she was patiently waiting for me to start the conversation. “I don’t know why such a sad feeling came over me,” I said.

Maggy nodded her head. “You are a devoted person and sometimes you forget to play. The law enforcement work you did for the last few years is over. You finished your job. It’s time to move on to your next phase of life.” She explained that the sad feelings I had were a result of feeling life’s push and shoves, and the letting go of the old. “Think of the otters we just saw. They play for hours while caring for their young. They are always on the move, very curious and joyfully adventurous. As the saying goes, all work and no play make a dull person. You, my dear, have become very dull.”Playfulness

Maggy was never one to hide her feelings. I took a deep breath and slowly digested her words. “Maggy,” I said, “I like the prestige and excitement of my job. Now that the work is ending, it’s hard to move on. When I think of change, my stomach churns inside. I can’t seem to shake the heaviness.” “It is time for you to stop, relax, and learn more about what’s within,” Maggy said. “And that means it’s time for playfulness and laughter. Your higher energy is out of balance. You need to clear the air and your thinking to make way for the new.”

As we drove south on the Coastal Scenic Highway Route 1 by Half Moon Bay, I began to feel like a kid again, and it was such a relief, I kicked off my shoes and started singing, “You Are My Sunshine.” Maggy shook her head, “You are a powerful, intuitive, intelligent lady, but you can’t carry a tune!” And then both of us began singing at the top of our lungs, our bellies full of laughter as we continued on the road.

Meditation To Clear The Way

  1. Picture the colors pink and blue flowing from your toes to the top of your head;
  2. Encircle your outer body with rainbow colors;
  3. See yourself stretched out on the sand and looking up at the stars
  4. Feel the soft sand against your skin and hear the roar of the ocean;
  5. Feel the energy flowing in and out of your body, filling you with happiness;
  6. Feel this energy joyfully flowing in and out of your body
  7. Visualize this energy radiating right through your colors, the earth, and into the universe;
  8. Embrace this lighthearted relationship with your Self

This meditation will create a calm, focused energy that will tickle your fancy. You will become more charming and exciting to your Self and others. The Earth and the Universe will playfully give blessings in return.

With love, Shirley

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