Blessings of Life

“Count your blessings they are there
Blessings wonderful fill the air
Many ask what is next in life
All you need to do is use your insight
This energy manifests a happy Soul
Knowing there are no limits when you joyfully soar
Happiness and blessings are one in the same
The creation of what you have
and what you are to receive
All come from unconditional love.”

“When you count your life’s blessings, a Divine Energy is created that comes from being thankful for what you have and for what is your next gift. Such blissfulness holds a spiritual joy that radiates from your Soul, into the Universe. You and the Universe work together like partners. Everything you have is a result of the thoughts you have put out to the Universe. To be thankful for your blessings is to give back to your co-worker, the universe. The Universe is always ready to deliver more gifts if you are open to receive.”

So Says Maggy

Shirley Explains Blessings of Life

Many years ago I learned the power of thankfulness for life’s blessings-and the importance of filling your mind and body with loving, accepting attitudes and thoughts. It was a gray winter evening and my Mustang convertible wasn’t tracking very well on the snow-packed road. As I stepped out of my car in Maggy’s driveway, the howling wind pierced through my clothes. Inside her home, a fire was crackling in the hearth and the smell of turkey and dressing filled the air. This warm, cozy feeling made me forget what was outside.

After dinner we had our usual tea and conversation. I started complaining about the miserable weather, when Maggy interrupted, “Count your blessings, my dear. The snow will give moisture to the land, and that is a blessing. Be thankful you have a warm fire, food, and clothing. We are constantly being blessed and need to take time for thankfulness.”

She went on to explain that being thankful creates a balance in the Universe. Controlling your mind and becoming mentally tuned in to the Infinite, builds inner harmony. Through blessings and thankfulness, you are surrendering to the grace of the Universe and God. “It’s like being a pilot of your life. Through meditations, you enter the Universe to rebuild energy through Love and Light. You also have to know how to land and be grounded. Through this knowledge, there needn’t be any turbulence because you are the pilot, on automatic control.”

Sipping on my tea, I thought about the idea of my life being on automatic pilot. It was a new concept to me. It would mean that I wouldn’t need to feel fearful or to question why, but that I would go along with the ride and experience the outcome.

It was as though Maggy could read my mind when she said, “When you fear something, you are lacking the understanding of what or where you are. Questions in life are good if you don’t allow them to hold you back with worry and inaction. Everything that happens to you is a gift from the Universe and it’s all in the attitude of your acceptance.”

Blessings-of-LifeYou can be what Maggy calls a “yeller-beller” or you can flow with the Universe. It’s all in your attitude and how you choose to go through the process. Let’s say you have a situation-you are on a job hunt-and your attitude toward that is one of struggle and worry, “What if I don’t get that job,” or “If I don’t get that job, I won’t have enough money.” With that attitude, you might not get that job because when you struggle, you are going against the flow of the Universe and allowing fear to control your ride.

Trust your Self. Your intuition will tell you the outcome even before it happens. Knowing that, you can relax and let the process take its proper course. If the outcome changes, then chances are you’ve put up a struggle and you’ll find yourself with the chance to learn from that lesson the next time around.

Meditation for Flow

  1. Visualize pink, blue, and gold colors flowing inside your body, from your toes to the crown of your head
  2. Visualize the outer body surrounded by white light
  3. Picture your self on a hillside, breathing the fresh air, gazing at the blue sky. Listen to the wind and the water that rushes over the rocks in the brook.
  4. Imagine yourself in the sky, surrounded by bright stars. Feel the presence of the Universe’s Love and Light.
  5. Relax and enjoy this wonderful, Divine Energy. You will hear a harp playing softly. Each tone is felt within your body.
  6. Visualize yourself sitting on a log, filled with the presence of nature
  7. Watch your mind soar.

This meditation rejuvenates the body, mind, and spirit. It allows you to feel the presence of your happiness as it fills with Love from your Self and the Universe.

With love, Shirley

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