Power of Embracing

“Did you ever think about giving yourself a hug
Or a pat on the shoulder, saying a job well done
Have you ever looked in the mirror and smiled at yourself
And watched your eyes sparkle with a light so pure
Wouldn’t it be great to wrap your arms around earth
Embracing this power and knowing its great Love
The heart rejoices when one has the courage
It’s all in the power of embracing self and the power of Love”

“Most people easily embrace others, yet forget that their own self needs reassurance, too. There truly is a great energy that comes with acceptance and love of self. Through your belief in God’s Love and your belief in Love itself, you create the bridge to the truth within you.
Your eyes are the windows to the Soul. Through creative visualization, you unlock the doors to heavenly mysteries. A loving heart reveals understanding of this truth.”

So Says Maggy

Shirley Explains Power of Embracing:

During the days when I was a probation officer, I worked hard to clean up the rampant crime and drug problems in my hometown. The local sheriff grew envious of the recognition I received, and soon began causing problems. His negativity created roadblocks that I didn’t feel equipped to handle.

I stopped by Maggy’s house to share my feelings of frustration. She looked at me with smiling eyes and said, “My dear. You are taking a political issue and making it personal. In doing so, you are allowing a thorn to overpower the beautiful rose you are. Inside, your heart is a flame of love. No one can put that fire out unless you allow it. Now go look in a mirror and see your love flame.”Power of Embracing

Standing in front of a large mirror, I took a deep breath, smiled, and then looked into my eyes. As I stood there staring, I began to see deep within my heart. I felt different. I could hear the song, “What the World Needs Now is Love.” I knew that sweet love was within me and that I was experiencing an energy shift. The longer I stared, the calmer my body became. Suddenly I could see this flickering glow, like a candle-the flame of love. And I knew I no longer needed to allow any thorns to get in the way.

The great understanding of this flame of love is the flame of light seen through the eyes of the beholder.

Meditation to Embrace the Self

  1. Visualize pink, blue, and gold colors flowing inside your body, from your toes to the crown of your head
  2. Visualize the outer body aglow with the color purple
  3. Picture yourself walking on a beach; breath in the peaceful water, blue sky, and sunshine
  4. Continue walking, feeling the essences of nature filling your soul
  5. Stop and look around; notice a sea gull flying beside you–this beautiful sea gull helps you to open your loving heart and taste the nectar of pure bliss of freedom
  6. Visualize yourself sitting on a log, filled with the presence of nature
  7. Watch your mind soar.

This meditation relaxes the body, mind, and spirit so that you can reach a new height of glory. Your peace of mind brings forth a feeling of security and peace. This serenity is your natural state of mind. It will reveal answers to questions and lead to understanding so that you can begin to wholly trust and embrace your self.

With love, Shirley

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