Silence For The Soul

“Silence for the ‘Soul’ has its elements to be known Earth, water, wind and fire has their stories to be told Earth is grounding to the truth of your source Water is emotional to a peaceful flow Wind tells you stories to help you unfold Fire is a cleanser to help your soul Bring forth your visions and watch them grow”

“You, earth, and the Universal elements hold great knowledge. Knowing the power behind this truth helps you to experience Life’s blessings. All that is hidden in the inmost recesses of your heart is understood when the interior of your Soul is illuminated with the pure gold of Light. The Soul lives in the heart and works to carry unlimited wisdom to the conscious mind. The ancients taught that it is important to do this in silence. Silence is quiet time during which you restore your energy and calm your thoughts. The magical technique of the Soul is to express Life’s larger and more powerful rhythms and vibrations of Love. It truly is through Silence For The Soul that you will reach a better understanding of unconditional Love.” 

So Says Maggy

Shirley’s Explanation of Silence For The Soul:

These days we live in a highly technological society in which information is passed and received at the blink of an eye. As a result, we often find ourselves mirroring that same rapid pace in our daily lives, and our minds filling with noisy chatter. We must set aside quiet time in order to understand the truth within the Soul. Maggy once said, “If you live apart from the ‘world’ it is to hide yourself in solitude, and if you live amidst the world, it is to hide yourself among the crowd.” The elements of earth, water, wind/air, and fire contain the perfect frequency of energy to illuminate your interior with Love and Light. When that pure gold light shines on your Soul, you receive truth, peace, understanding, cleansing, and consciousness. 

I remember how hectic my life was during my law enforcement days. My schedule involved extensive travel for work, and when at home, the telephone constantly rang. There was no quiet in my life. I would promise Maggy that I’d stop by her house for teachings, but I always ran late or didn’t arrive at all. She finally said, “Young lady we need to talk.” She explained that not arriving on time only showed people that I didn’t respect them and how important it was to take care of “self.” Of course, I didn’t want to hear this because in my mind I was helping others.

Then one day I realized how truly unbalanced I was. I had returned home from a lengthy trip and fell asleep on the couch. A barking dog jolted me awake, but I was so disoriented. I remember waiving my hands in the air and looking around to figure out where I was which city or state. It was such a disturbing and unsettling feeling. I knew I had to change my pace of life. 

I vowed to keep my promise to Maggy and take time for “self.” I went for walks and listened to the sounds of nature rather than man made noise. I meditated to slow down the chatter in my brain, and discovered a beautiful silence. In doing this, I developed an inner clock. Whenever I made an appointment, something inside would make me aware of the right time. I also learned that meditation for relaxation could be done anywhere.

Meditation for the soul silence

  1. Picture pink and blue flowing inside the body, from toes to the head.
  2. Picture turquoise flowing around the outer body, flowing clockwise.
  3. Visualize yourself walking down a beautiful path lined with trees and flowers.
  4. While you continue to walk, you come upon a waterfall spilling over into a pool of turquoise-colored water.
  5. Sit inside the pool with your back to the waterfall. Feel the energy coming from the water. Look at the trees and flowers. Notice how the soft breeze stirs around you.
  6. You are relaxing with Mother Earth and feeling the power of the elements bringing you energy and restoring your “self.”
  7. Mentally step out of the pool look up in the sky. Feel the connection you made within and out for your “self.”

This meditation invigorates the vibrational frequency that flows all around you. In doing this meditation, you may find yourself desiring to spend regular quiet time with the “self” and to readjust your pace of life accordingly. This meditation will help you to understand unconditional Love, which will teach you to have more respect for yourself and others.

With love, Shirley

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