“Life’s path is a journeyOne that you choseIt’s a God given giftKnown as Free Will” “Free Will” is a Universal energy your soul carries forever. In balance, “Free Will” energy stirs you to action and movement, causing your desires to manifest. Taking responsibility for your conscious thoughts will transform unbalanced energy, allowing the Universe to respondContinue reading “Life”


“Dreams really do come trueThey can be scary or they can be funSometimes they mean somethingSometimes they mean nothingSo hop aboard the dream trainBeing playful through the dayAnd relaxing at nightAllows your dreams to come trueMaking a heart’s delight.”   “Dreams have always led people to try to understand the deeper meaning. Dreams are created throughContinue reading “Dreams”

God Is My Source

“God is my sourceLove is My LightA Universal EnergyTo Manifest Your DesiresSo Be It.” “God’s source is the creation of All and Love carries forth the light to brighten the way. It vibrates pure energy, creating a freedom of flow so that your desires may manifest while enlightening your Soul. A powerful Universal energy awaitsContinue reading “God Is My Source”


“Forgiveness plays a tone to the heart It emanates your consciousness And electrifies your Soul As atoms flow through your aura Creating your own magellanic cloud” “Forgiveness is a process in which you willingly let go any unbalanced emotions stored within. Emotions such as anger, fear, intimidation, hate, grief, loneliness and more, are caused byContinue reading “Forgiveness”

Respectful Flow

“Respectful energy has a movement to beholdIt creates an attunement with you, earth, and the UniverseThe frequency causes a beacon of lightMaking your heart sing a delightful love-toneThe vibration of this trinity connects with your SoulA joyful sensation with the power of Love” Self Respect automatically puts you in attunement with the earth and UniversalContinue reading “Respectful Flow”


“Playfulness is a way of lifeIt is necessary to clear the mindA powerful energy it does holdTo relax the mind, body & soulSo Universal blessings will unfold” “Within each of you is an omnipresent frequency that inspires and manifests desires. Tapping into this frequency allows you to explore your authentic power while aligning the mind, body,Continue reading “Playfulness”