Soul’s Integrity

“The Soul’s Integrity–a miraculous power
Brings calmness to your vibrational flow
This Divine Guidance directs you
To new spiritual growth
While the heart feels enchanted creating its glow
Self-esteem will rise and the Soul will rejoice
As Earth and the Universe embrace your bliss
All in the power of Love”

“Many ask how to open the door to the Divine Guidance so they can experience joy and bliss. When you begin to Love and Trust your Self, that which God created, your heart’s center vibrates with honesty and sincerity-the Soul’s Integrity-and lights up with the Divine. This light floods your being and enhances all your spiritual gifts. You will radiate and glow with Love.

Once you become aware and accepting of Self, your vision will then open to the beauty of creation both within and without-nature, art, music, and more. You will see how Love creates beauty. Love and Love alone gives Life to all things.”
So Says Maggy

Shirley Explains Soul Integrity

You are born with Integrity of the Soul. The Soul lives in the Universe and chooses to come to earth to learn more. When the Soul enters your body with the first breath of life, it carries Integrity. Integrity, derived from the word integer, means whole and complete-an “unimpaired condition and soundness” according to Webster’s dictionary. Integrity is always within you. When you learn to trust the Integrity within-when you listen to the voice inside and freely flow with it–you vibrate with an energy of wholeness and your vision opens to the beauty of the world around you. This is perfect harmony of Self and the Universe-God’s creation.

When you are in this flow, your Self is connected with nature, and you radiate Love, honesty and sincerity. You know what it means to let nature take its course. You also know to trust the “nature” of your inner voice (that voice you were born with that lies beneath the mental “chatter”).

You follow that voice trusting that your Soul’s Integrity knows what it is doing. (Be still; ask what it is you need to do and listen). Your earthly self may try to take that thought and put it in a box or doubt or overwork it, rather than allowing the free flow. That thought may seem totally illogical or unfamiliar, but understand that is often where the life-altering or eye-opening adventure begins. Great leaders and inventors think and respond outside the “box,” rather than trying to control or impose a “reasonable” answer or solution.

For example: Imagine if you were a diabetic eating a hot fudge sundae-you know it’s not especially good for you, but you eat it anyway. In this way, you go against your higher consciousness. When you listen and acknowledge that sagely voice, you are connected with your Soul’s Integrity.

Here’s another example: When Maggy was alive, I spent many afternoons listening to her stories, while sitting at her kitchen table, sipping her favorite tea–Constant Comment. I’ll never forget the story she told me about one snowy winter day when, feeling angry and upset over her divorce, she went on a ride with her special horse, Windstar. At the beginning of the ride, Windstar started with a prance, as though doing a special dance before going into a faster pace. His frisky feet caused the snow to whirl, and his breath from his nostrils poured out like steam.

Soul IntegrityAs he galloped, Windstar held his head high while stretching his muscles. Maggy could feel his strength rushing through her-and their hearts beating in the same rhythm. For what seemed like eternity, the energy between them merged in a powerful way. She felt as though Windstar could have carried her anywhere-on a course across the earth, if desired-and she would have trusted him. Windstar and Maggy came to a small stream where they stopped to rest. Sliding out of her saddle, Maggy heard a noise that startled her. From out of the bushes, a covey of quail flew into the sky. Watching the birds fly high, her heart and body filled with tremendous feelings of love, energy, and peace. Something had happened in that exquisite moment. She felt different-transformed.

She heard a voice within telling her that it took courage to allow Windstar’s energy to flow through her heart, when her inclination was to resist or control his free spirit. By going with the vibrational flow, she connected with her Self and nature, and her Soul’s sage.

After that experience, Maggy explained, she felt wholly plugged in to a higher power, and had greater inner strength to meet any new dilemma or challenge. By creating a space for unconditional trust in her heart-by not blocking the energy-she felt aligned and complete. The Integrity of the Soul.

Meditation For Soul’s Integrity

  1. Visualize the colors pink & blue entering your body through your feet.
  2. Flow these colors from the feet to the top of your head.
  3. Visualize emerald green flowing through your heart.
  4. Inside your heart is a diamond spinning; watch it glow.
  5. This diamond is your Soul.
  6. Think of an animal you love.
  7. Allow that animal to take you on a journey.
  8. This journey will allow your free spirit to increase its flow.
  9. Experience your free spirit and love.
  10. Once completed, picture the color gold filling you inside and around your body.

After the meditation, it would be wise to write in a journal about your experience. Sometimes this meditation brings to the surface information from the subconscious to assist you with better understanding.

With love, Shirley

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