“Manifestation of the Mind and Soul
This magical connection has a great power flow
Projection from the heart with God as your source
Creates a brilliant light to glow
Light and Love are One in the same
Force and projection are truly the gain “

“The power of your heart’s Love behind your mental thoughts will manifest that which your soul desires. It can be material or spiritual—it doesn’t matter. Your subconscious mind is a garden and knows only to create reality from the seed of Thought. When the seed has been planted, it will physically manifest, unless the seed itself has been uprooted and another planted in its place. This freedom of Thought is the most miraculous part of existence. With the freedom of Thought, you establish exactly what you are today and exactly what you will be tomorrow. In this way, as God’s creation, each person chooses his or her own path.”
So Says Maggy

Shirley explains Manifestation of the Mind and Soul

There is a saying, “Turn it over to God.” God is your highest energy source. God lights your Higher Consciousness. The most beautiful manifestations are created when you connect into this vibrational energy. With this spiritual awareness and knowing, you will discover that the presence of God within is total and that complete fulfillment is yours to experience on this earth. All that you need is supplied in abundance. Knowing that you can manifest what you seek frees you from lack or limitations. The power of Love will assist you in realizing the Truth of that which your Soul seeks.

Years ago, when I was living up north at Half Moon Bay, I walked to the beach one sunny morning. I watched the seagulls fly while listening to the waves rolling in and breaking on the sand. The more I walked, the heavier my body became. Sitting on a log, listening to the snap of the waves, my senses came alive. I sat up and paid attention to my surroundings…and the little voice inside telling me to listen to my heart’s desires. At the time, I was working in internal auditing for a corporation. I loved living in California, but my heart kept telling me to move to Texas. I wanted a chance to use my intuitive gifts to assist others.

Soon after, on a wing and a prayer, I moved to Texas. In order to make a living, I knew I would need to “manifest” clients who would be interested in my seminars and personal “readings.” After several weeks without results, I begin to wonder if I was doing my manifestation meditations correctly.

One day during my daily morning walk, I asked the Guides if they would show me a sign. Looking up at the sky, I saw three white clouds in the perfect shape of Angels. They looked so peaceful with their wings stretched out, as if reaching toward me. Suddenly I noticed something falling from the sky. It looked like a feather swirling down toward my feet, yet there were no birds in sight. When I looked down at the ground, a gold watch with a black face and a small diamond stared back at me. I’d been blessed with a sign.

This story shows how devotion and action lead to Manifestation. Each morning, I had faithfully meditated on the desires of my heart. (I know that money is not the root of all-evil; it is a tool for freedom. I also know that the universe supplies abundance).
What desires would you like to Manifest? Is it love, better health, better understanding of Self, a different job? Whatever desires you have will unfold at the right time and right place for you.



From The Hubble Space Telescope

Meditation for Manifestation

  1. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly
  2. Visualize a rainbow flowing clockwise, all around your body.
  3. Take another deep breath and let it out slowly.
  4. Visualize pink and blue colors, like ribbons, flowing inside your body from your toes to the top of your head.
  5. Flow these colors out your heart.
  6. See these colors flowing around earth, at the same time allow thoughts of health, wealth, prosperity and harmony to also circle the earth.
  7. Take another deep breath and let it out slowly.
  8. Bring your colors back inside your head and seal it with gold.

With the art of your creation encircling earth and the power of your thoughts vibrating in the universal energy field, you will begin to Manifest according to your desires. Remember, it is through the power of Love that will assist you in realizing the Truth of that which your Soul seeks.

With love, Shirley

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