A Wonderful Life

“A Wonderful life is one to know. Your profound sage will show you so. A happy heart beats the rhythm of joy. It brings great visions to empower your soul A gentle loving energy to embrace the essence of your life Manifesting a known of God that brightens your light.”

“The source of a Wonderful Life is faith and trust. With the power of faith comes the ability to move mountains. With trust comes a knowing there is a Divine Plan. God’s Divine Energy will assist you in having faith and trust. This same energy will open doors to create space for boundless joy and happiness. You are part of a great heavenly pattern–a Universe filled with Love and Light.”

So Says Maggy

Shirley explains a Wonderful Life:

There was a time when I was living two lives. One was my spiritual work and the other everyday reality. My spiritual life was growing by leap and bounds, but my personal life wasn’t. I had promised my mentor Maggy that I would always live in Herrick, but I felt drawn to see more of the world.

I was living an unhappy life and needed to come to terms with a miserable marriage, yet I didn’t know what to do.

Early one winter morning I woke to snow covered ground and went for a walk. I felt lonely and tired of my personal problems. Maggy had made her transition from earth and I missed her physical touch, laughter and big hugs when I felt lost for answers. I realized my emotions were as heavy as the dark clouds overhead. I could hear Maggy saying, “Be thankful for any learning lessons and don’t be afraid to get on with your dreams.

Dreams are tomorrow’s reality. When you follow your heart you are taking a path that you have chosen by means of conscious effort. It is all in allowing the free flow of Divine Energy. Be like an eagle and gather courage, for the heart will present the opportunities to soar above the mundane levels of life.”

A wonderful lifeI remembered learning about eagles from a great medicine man I’d once met. He told me that eagles fly great heights into the heavens where the Great Spirit dwells and remain connected within the realm of earth. Eagles soar and are quick to observe the expansiveness within the overall pattern of life. They also teach us to broaden our sense of “Self” beyond the horizon of what is presently visible

I knew that fear of the unknown was keeping me from having freedom and a balanced, wonderful life. I knew I had to make changes in my thinking to create action. I knew I had to train my thoughts to flow, but most of all I needed to listen to my heart and have faith and trust.

Fear is a reflex of the brain trying to filter and understand thought. When the pureness of thought is from the heart, then the brain will “unwind” and be happy. Wisdom from the heart creates a beautiful flow of energy in the body, and this allows information and answers to surface the way they are meant to so that you can reach new spiritual levels. Picture yourself working for your Masters degree in Truth. Everyone has a Master within their hearts who is ready and willing to assist in making his or her everyday reality and spiritual journey wonderful.

Each of us is like the writer who authors his or her own life story. You author your own life by choice of what thoughts you accept or reject. Everyone’s life is a story that unfolds by the silent author who dwells within. We are what we think and are co-creators of our reality. As we allow the Universe to shine like gold dust from above and within, our life grows wonderful.

Meditation For A Wonderful Life

It is important to get close to nature. This might be your backyard, park, mountains, desert or beach–wherever you chose your Sacred place for this meditation.

  1. Flow your Chakra colors through your body (beginning at the base of the spine with the color red, followed by orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gold)
  2. Look into your heart (green color).
  3. See rainbow colors flowing out your heart into the Universe.
  4. Picture Earth and circle your heart’s rainbow colors around earth.
  5. Project out what you desire.
  6. Bring your rainbow colors back into your heart and seal with gold.

With love, Shirley

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