Life Is Sacred

“Life is Sacred that is for sure. The Ego’s Energy causes you to search questions you may have and this is good for questions only teach you to accept your own Truth Self knows the enchantment of how this Sacred Energy works Through your Love and Oneness with the Universe.”

“Sacred Energy vibrates through the devotion of one’s purpose in life. As you travel within, the Self becomes enlightened and your journey becomes holy. Finding answers to your Self is to find a hidden bud of the Soul broken open. It will reveal the wonderful flower within. You will then know the beauty and serenity that percolates into your heart.” 

So Says Maggy

Shirley explains Life Is Sacred

Maggy told me a story long ago about a day when she realized the power of Life’s Sacred Energy. A few hours before a big performance in Akron, Ohio, Maggy, a popular vaudeville singer, had become aware of a growing tension filling her body and voice. Questions fired in her brain: What if I can’t sing? How will I go on? What if I’m losing my voice forever?

The country-raised lady searched frantically for answers, but knew deep inside that the best way to calm her nerves was to find a quiet place in nature. She found a nearby park filled with trees, flowers and a creek. Taking off her shoes and socks, she sat on the ground with her back against a tree and her feet in water. Like a miracle, she felt her body relax and her mind clear. Enraptured, she felt blessed by the Sacredness of Life.
Life is sacred

Picture by Anne Enochs

Absorbing the bounty around her, Maggy’s senses became heightened. She grew aware of a slow moving panorama unfolding before her, nature pulsating with vivid hues. She saw how Energy serves as an eternal record of every Life–not a Word, not a Thought, not an Action is forgotten or undocumented. Everything is “written” with Energy’s color and tone. Before Maggy left the park, the moon rose through the trees. The scene flooded with golden radiance, showing her how everything on Earth is touched with Divine purpose–humans, animals, and even a blade of grass—All is God’s Creation. That night, her performance moved her audience to cheers and tears.

The Sacred Energy Maggy was feeling at the park that day is what God wants us to feel all the time. The moment Maggy felt apprehensive about her performance, she knew she had lost her focus, allowing herself to be consumed and confused by Ego’s questions. She knew she had to go deeper within for answers. Sitting with nature and witnessing the harmonious flow of Sacred Energy, her balance was restored.

I tell you this story so that you will know how to go beyond Ego and tap into the Sacred Energy. Ego is a God-given mechanism within each of us. Like the spirit of a child, the Ego is receptive and trustful and is instinctively confident that all will be good. Like a flaming sword, Ego guards the Heart from jealousy, anger, sadness, depression or other emotion. It has done this since the time you were born.

Picture the Ego as Energy flowing back and forth across the heart like a “Pac Man” game. When something causes an uncomfortable feeling or reaction, the little “Pac Man” will quickly start racing, and that’s when the questions can arise. These questions may lead you to feel unbalanced and out of touch with your intuition or emotions.

The ancients called this going into your “wilderness”—a feeling akin to being lost. Hammering at the brain for reasons or answers is not the solution—that is inaction. Being still and aware of your Heart’s intuition is the best way out of that wilderness. You will regain balance, and the flow of Sacred Energy will resume so that the answers you need for understanding and action will manifest. You will then have created your own enchanted garden filled with sweet sights and sounds and happiness.

Here’s another example: Suppose you’ve twisted an ankle during a crowded exercise class. First, you feel the shock of falling…then the pain…then the anger, fueled by Ego’s questions: How could I have fallen? What was the instructor thinking by letting so many people in? Why didn’t I stop when I was tired? When will I learn? Those questions are pulling you into the “wilderness” of the brain—and may leave you feeling lost and helpless while you try to rationalize the event.

The best strategy is to surrender to the energy of the moment and turn everything over to God; since you are God’s co-creator, this in essence means you are turning it over to your higher Self and taking responsibility for trusting that there’s nothing to be questioned. When you do this, the experience becomes a holy journey.

You might not like what happened, but by deciding to accept the circumstances, you are actually moving on, rather than staying stuck. In this way, your emotions will calm down, the Energy will flow, and the Ego will relax (laughter is a great release!). The healing will begin and Truth will surface.

This Month’s Meditation 

It is important to get close to nature. This might be your backyard, park, mountains, desert or beach–wherever you chose your Sacred place for this meditation.

  1. Do your deep breathing.
  2. Recall the location of each Chakra and its corresponding color.
  3. Feel your colors flowing inside and out your body.
  4. Visualize yourself walking or resting in a luscious field of flowers or beautiful, natural setting.
  5. Take another deep breath and allow the scenes to unfold, be aware of what your inner voice says as you feel the Energy flow.

Life’s Sacred Energy has a calming effect and allows the body to rebuild with new Energy. The clarity you receive from being in nature will assist you in processing and organizing everything in your personal life. 

With love, Shirley

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