The Breath Of Life

“The Breath of Life is the generator for your Soul It gives and takes life as fast as it goes The force of this energy comes from the rhythm within It is when you push the breath out that the sacred energy begins Secrets are many for the body does hold
And it takes the Breath of Life for the mystical energy to unfold”
“The Breath of Life is sacred energy. Breath is the only thing humans cannot do without for more than a few minutes. There is an art to breathing that, with practice, will generate a sacred energy and bring forth a greater understanding of Beauty and Mystery–the veritable garments of God. Subtly as a golden thread that harmoniously weaves itself in and out, the art of breathing will direct you to the secret melodies of your heart. It will manifest a consciousness to a higher knowledge of God, Universe and your connection. It is known as the Higher Self.”

So Says Maggy

Shirley explains the breath of life:

You can live without water and food for days, but oxygen is the source of our sustenance. Beyond the breath there is something more, known to some as “Chi,” and to others as “Prana,” which we will simply call Divine Energy. It is an energy that flows within our body. Within the breath, we encounter the rhythm of energy that is Life. By changing the rate or rhythmic texture of your breath, you can tap into the power source of all creativity.

I remember the story a Comanche medicine man once told me about the breath energy. “Dolphins are the keeper of the sacred breath of life. They teach how to release emotions through their breathing techniques. They create rhythm, swimming through the water and breathing before submerging, then hold their breath for the duration of underwater travel. As dolphins come above water again, they blow their breath out in a manner resembling the popping of a cork. This same technique can be used to pull the stopper on your tensions and will assist in creating total relaxation. Using this breathing exercise with the Charka Meditation will increase your aura glow. You will make an easy connection with Divine Energy coming from Great Spirit.”

The Breath Of LifeThe word aura is defined in the dictionary as, “a subtle influence or quality emanating from or surrounding a person or object.” It is well documented that an energy field surrounds all living things, and has been successfully captured by Kirlian photography. The object being photographed gives off electrons. These electrons are accelerated by the electric field and collide with molecules of air, causing the molecules to separate into positive oxygen and nitrogen ions (charged particles) and electrons.

The physical body functions with this same energy and electromagnetic frequency.

With understanding, you will become aware of how influential and powerful this energy is in determining all that you think and do. The movement back and forth of electric charges generates energy within and outside the body like a cosmic dance. Just as electromagnetic waves travel through space at the speed of light, those same patterns and wavelengths within our bodies flow as fast as we allow. Thus, our Divine Energy increases.

Your aura’s frequency of colors radiates the condition of your physical health, the balance of your emotional flow, and also the state of your mind. Practicing breath-work and Chakra Meditation, as suggested by the Comanche medicine man, you will develop the sensitivity to see auras. (Often, it’s easier to see other’s auras, rather than your own; one exercise is to look into a mirror and into the “eyes of the soul.”).

An aura is usually first visible around the head area; gradually it takes shape around the physical body like an egg. It forms a cocoon of your own energy field of vibrations. Every thought you generate sets into motion the mental matter within. A thought is clearly the start of manifesting what you desire.

The life force of this energy revitalizes each cell and organ, and breaks the limits and dimensions of physical reality so that you can enter into a higher consciousness. Everyone has his or her own personal rhythm. It is all in balancing the understanding of the powerful knowledge. Power is energy that is formed by the intentions of the Soul filled with Love and Light.

The Complete Breath

A simple rhythmic breathing exercise

Deep Breathing will fully oxygenate the bloodstream, removing toxins and stimulate the electrical process of the cells in the body.

Start by breathing in through your nose, taking air in slowly and deeply while expanding your diaphragm (stomach) outward, then into your chest area.

Hold the air in for a moment.

Upon exhaling, first exhale the air in your stomach area pulling the stomach in as you exhale, than compress the chest area until you have exhaled completely.

An easy rhythm to use is 4-2-4-2. It means inhale for a count of 4 than hold the air in for a count of 2, exhale for a count of 4 and relax for a count of 2. Some use the ticking of a clock or the heartbeat, but the count can be whatever is comfortable for you. As you become more experienced, you can add to your count, but it should always be in equal proportions like 6-3-6-3 or 8-4-8-4. You can do this in a sitting position or lying down.

With love, Shirley

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