Emotional Flow

“To Emotional flow creates a magical glow.It takes your focus to make it so.
Through emotional actions inside or out Creates a masterpiece for one’s “Self”
A masterpiece filled with love and light Makes the heart beat with happiness for
A great delight.”

“Emotional Flow is the most powerful driving force, even more than intellect. Emotions are different levels of energy currents. Great wonders will be revealed through devotion to understanding of “Self.” Knowledge of “Self” causes a magical frequency and will imbue you with vibrations that lead to a higher enlightened power. Through the gracefulness of action, “Great Mysteries” will surface in and outside of the body and through the Universe. It is all one and the same.”

So Says Maggy

Shirley’s explanation about Emotional Flow

Meditating on your Chakras creates focus. Chakras are the most dynamic energy source in your body and emotions are the supercharger for that focus. The whole purpose of meditating with willful intent is to have focus so that you can take action. You can choose to take this focus through the heart, like a laser beam, going directly to the source of any situation.

Years ago, Maggy told me the story about how she could see energy flowing out her fingertips toward her audience when she performed in vaudeville. She always meditated before going on stage to focus her emotional energy. She spoke of feeling a surge of peace inside and outside her body. When it came time to perform, she was keyed into her audience through this Emotional Flow. 

In this way, Maggy connected into a powerful frequency that allowed for a conscious stream of new energy. Tapping into the emotional flow allowed her to continually re-program the body to be healthy, wealthy and wise. She knew that vital energy was the key to manifesting whatever she desired.

Emotional FlowEmotions are your get-up and go, like gasoline to an automobile. Emotion and Spirit — for they are one and the same — guide the Soul to Emotional Flow. When you have Emotional Flow with your Chakras, your body will glow with health and happiness. But when you are upset — whether it’s fear, anger, jealousy, or other negative emotion — and not understanding why, your flow becomes out of balance. Typically, that is when the brain takes over, seeking channels for solutions, which leaves you even more confused and detached from your feelings. 

Only when you “get out of your head” and into the heart will you find clarity and begin to “feel” again. It is the heart that has all the answers to calm you down. For Emotional Flow, listen to the heart, not the brain. When Emotional Flow is focused, it is as though you have put your foot to the gas pedal, accelerating to a faster speed. You will begin to go to magical places of the soul, and your devotion and attention will allow you to reap God’s harvest for Self.

Every human being has a soul. The Soul looks like a diamond and spins your Chakra colors of light that flow through you into the Universal energy. To discover the Soul’s authentic power, you must journey into the heart, for that is where the Soul is. As your heart opens, you will come to know and understand the Soul, and make conscious, dynamic interactions with the Divine power. 

As you become an enlightened being, wisdom will pour forth, helping you to make major positive changes for yourself and Earth. We are Earth’s living life cells and what we think is what Earth becomes. We will learn then to live within the system rather than fight the system. Peace, love and harmony within will reflect a beautiful environment for all. All material reality in these dimensions is in a constant state of vibration from the molecular level to the cosmic. 

Everything is a vibration — thoughts, sound or color. They are one in the same, vibrating at different levels. God built the world, as we know it and it is God’s colors flowing within us that brings us to a higher consciousness. We are all like an individual drop of water that comes from and returns to the great cosmic ocean.

A Ten-Minute Meditation for Emotional Flow

(This is a great way to get “out of your head” and into your heart)

  1. Begin with meditating on your Chakras, visualizing each color rotating clockwise and rising through the body,
  2. While filling your body with cleansing color and breath, take action by clearing out old or negative thoughts with each exhale.
  3. Now, turn your focus to the heart. Go into the Chakra “green” color of the heart and FEEL the energy glowing. Know that the heart is where the Soul is and has more data than the brain.
  4. Flow Love from the heart, glowing from inside the body outward.

Know that Love is the most powerful, energizing, healing force in the Universe.

With love, Shirley

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