Chakra Meditation

“To Know Love is to know Self.
To Feel Love is to sense that Self-Love.
To touch Love is to touch others who need more understanding about Love.
To see Love is to see the beauty in all things for Love is the answer.”

“The power of Self Love is the ultimate energy of the whole frequency to which you vibrate. Everything is related with the power of Love. It is through this energy that the colors and tones can truly be in harmony. The truth of this beauty is in the eyes of the beholders on earth, throughout the galaxy and the universe. Self-Loving energy holds great patterns for connecting into whatever you need or require at any moment.”

So Says Maggy

Shirley explains Chakra Meditation:

In bringing Maggy’s message down to earth, here are my thoughts on how to make this work in your life:

We have to start with the basics which is meditation on Self. Meditation is the willful focus of attention. When you begin to develop your senses, you will see for yourself God’s Divine Plan. A new and most fascinating world will open before you.

First, focus your attention on the Chakra centers in the body. In doing so, hidden powers will be reveled. The Pythagorean theory teaches us that color and tone are one in the same. Our physical body’s tone is the heartbeat. The heart tone in harmony will enhance “Self Love” in and outside the body.

Everyone is born with love, peace, unity, harmony and freedom. It is our logical side that can make us think differently. Inside the physical body are colors. The outer colors form the aura. To enhance the physical and aura colors it is necessary to meditate with the Chakra center colors. Chakra or force-centers are points of Chakra Colorsconnection at which energy flows inside a person and looks like a spinning wheel. The word Chakra is Sanskrit and signifies a wheel, which spins in a clockwise direction. As we might speak of the “Wheel of Fate,” so do the Buddhists speak of the “Wheel of Life and Death.” Professor Rhys Davis poetically renders the Chakras as “to set rolling the Royal Chariot-Wheel of a universal empire of truth and righteousness.” Colors are represented by the spectrum or rainbow, and the Chakra colors are our rainbow inside the body. It is through the colors of the rainbow that create our white light. Through this white light, we become more creative, intuitive, calmer and aware. In art, the seven colors of the spectrum, properly blended, produce white, the highest vibration for spiritual significance.

(click here for printable image)

The Chakra colors and the energy produced from them are:

1Base of the SpineRedHigh
2Stomach areaOrangeChanges
3Solar PlexusYellowConnection
4Heart areaGreenHealing
5Throat areaBlueSending & Calming
6Third EyeIndigoProtection
7Around the ForeheadGoldSpiritual completions & abundance
8Top of the HeadWhite Flowing out the top of your headPurity

In meditating with these colors, you to reach into the divine force flow of energy inside and out. It is through this energy vibrational flow that you will begin to reach a higher level of “Self-Love.”

Love is a balance of “Self.” Through love, you won’t feel it necessary to fight any negative situation. Love is the frequency of energy that balances the negative and positive vibration into a harmony. What we think is what we are. Love can open doors to create a happy outcome.

The Essence of Time & Meditation

A daily meditation for a higher consciousness

Time is a function of our dimensional reality, and it assists us in the work arena. It does not exist in the higher realms. It is inevitable that the changing of the times is creating a faster pace in our life on earth, and this can become overwhelming. As the universe accelerates, so does our perception of time. Throughout the day we give energy either to our work or personal life. That energy can be recharged through Chakra Meditations. Chakra Meditation allows you to rebuild your energy and have clarity of mind. It does not take a lot of time. It can be as lengthy as you want it to be. Because meditation is a thought process, it can be accomplished in a split second in almost any place… like in the shower, driving, at your desk, laying on your bed, or almost anywhere.

Try this 10 minute exercise for Chakra Meditation

  1. Take deep breaths to relax.
  2. Recall the location of each Chakra and its corresponding color
  3. Beginning with the first Chakra, visualize it as a red wheel or flower rotating clockwise at the base of the spine. That power of thought creates a flow of energy that begins rising in the body.
  4. Continue visualizing each Chakra, one at a time, rotating and rising up the spine. The last Chakra is at the crown of the head and will release white light.
  5. When the creation of energy inside the body is completed, know that the body’s aura is increasing. This will increase the flow of energy inside and outside the body. Feel your body release stress and negativity, and recharge with abundant energy.

Chakra meditation will teach you to pace yourself, increase your stamina and concentration, and help you achieve your goals.

It is a divine order from God’s gift of creation for “Self” and for higher consciousness

With love, Shirley

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