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A Gift Certificates
A nice way to give a special gift to someone who is seeking changes in their life.
Gift Certificate: Includes personal session for Half hour $100
Gift Certificate: Includes a personal session for 1 hour $200
Gift Certificate: Includes a Package Deal for 3 hour sessions $400
Universal Love Medication CD
Through automatic writings Shirley received meditations with special tones. Each meditation is designed to help you have an inner peace. $12.95

Subconscious Clearing"
A powerful meditation to revitalize your energy.

"Mother Earth" A meditation to connect your energy with earth's creating a natural flow filled with harmony.

"Pyramid Connection" An energizing meditation for you to connect with the Universal Love frequency

"Hearts & Rainbows" This mediation helps you across the Universal Bridge to meet your "Guides" or "Masters".

Tape Price Includes $3.00 Shipping & Handling

An Angel with Muddy Feet
"Biography of Maggy Conn" $19.95

A true story about Maggy Conn. It is filled with the down to earth adventure of everyday life, a soul mate love story, and her passing the torch of Universal Love teaching to her student Shirley J. Smith.

Limited Offer - First Edition Hard Cover, Personally Autographed - Sales Tax, Shipping & Handling Included

Universal Love Seminar's
You will have 3 days with Shirley to learn about your psychic abilities.

Universal Love Seminar
Three Day Seminar

Universal Love Seminar Deposit
You will receive a notice that will tell you where/how to remit the remaining balance.
$200 deposit