Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Shirley's Message from Maggy Conn

For the month of December 2011, Maggy Conn gave Shirley this message

Seasons Greetings

Season's Greetings are always so Dear

A time to rejoice and time to cheer

Blessings are many with rewards to hold

It's time to Touch each other with a Love Tenfold

Love is the answer this you do know

Its kind and soothing as 2011 comes to a close

Changes where many during this unsettling year

Its powerful energy demanded many to wonder

Oh what will be next or is life to complex

Love and light shined from above

Covering earth with all its glory

This great energy did assist many to

Better understand this powerful energy

Many did learn what this energy is like

So they can now count their blessings

For a Holiday's Delight

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year