Shirley’s Monthly Messages
Through Automatic Writing

Shirley's messages are received through automatic writings from her spiritual teacher, Maggy Conn. For those who haven't read "An Angel With Muddy Feet," Maggy was a wise teacher who understood life on earth filled with Truth and Love. She is now on the other side assisting Shirley by sending messages to help others better understand "Self" and the power of Love. Usually Maggy and other Guides wake Shirley up in the middle of the night! However, for this site, Shirley's wish is to post a message once a month. 

Shirley is available for seminars, lectures and group outings

Automatic Writings

Shirley J. Smith offers monthly messages through Automatic Writings to assist others.


The Art of Balancing Your Love

Capture Your Heart’s Moment


Happy New Year


May the Spirit of...

Earth's Changes

Universal Love Energy Alignment

Levels of Love Energy

Your Love Connection

Your Gateway

Your Master

Your Life Of Creation

Glorify Love

The Levels of Love

Joy In Your Life

Happy New Year 2017


Closing The Year 2016

Your Truth

Your Cosmic Blueprint

The Power Of Your Absolute Being

Life Filled With Happiness

Planet Earth Your Home

The Art of Connection Now Available

Meditation for May

Protecting your minds Feeling Your Soul


Images of Your Colors & Love

Everything Is Energy

The Height of Enjoyment

Start The New Spiritual You

Universal Year 2014 Numerology


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The Golden Age

Dancer's In The Sky

Your Spiritual Gifts

Think It and It Will Happen Believe It and It Is Yours

A Time of New Beginnings

Earth's Spiritual Healing

Universal Consciousness

Love Consumes All

The Great Love


Universal Year 2013 Numerology


Merry Christmas

Spiritual Time

Earth Is Awakening

Your Spark of Love

Deep Within You

The Waves Of Love

Walking In Beauty

It Is Time

The Universal Connection

Life Is Simple

New Energy

The Year 2012 A Year For Freedom


Season's Greetings

Energy and Universal Timing

Prophecy and Explanations

The Power of Knowledge

You And Universal Love

Laughter Is Music To Your Heart

Face Your Life's Purpose

Enjoy Your Love And Light

Future Process

Earth Shift And Change

Spiritual Energy

The Year 2011 A Time to Build 


Embrace Your Talents

Change Is Upon You

Surroundings & Boundaries

Collective Consciousness

Living With The Force

Spiritual Helpers

Sea of Energy

Pearl Of Wisdom

Your Heart's Choice

The Rays Of Love

The Law Of Cycles



The Special You

Universal Harmony

Emotional Light

Silence And Your Soul

Your Wisdom

Lighten Up

Keep It Simple

"Earth Has Help" The Great White Brotherhood

The Path of Evolution

It's Time To Wake Up

Pay Attention To The Present

Numerology Your Personal Year


Happy Holiday's

The Universal Law of Vibration

The Law of Attraction

Essences of Time

Power of Colors

You Are The Future

The Spiritual Concept of Universal Love

Your Act of Creation

Magic From The Universe

Your Magic Creates Your Happiness

Experiences Have Blessings

New Beginnings


Happy Holidays

Love Is The Key

The Process To Your Future

Your Spiritual Techniques

Your Divine Presence

Earth's Light

Universal Divine Order

Universe's Infinity

Universal Plan

Soul Energy Connection

Artwork's Energy Field

Pythagorean Theorem Reflection and Reaching Out


Peaceful Emotions

The Sincerity of Loving

Changing Of The Times

Free Will

Soul's Wisdom Energy

Soul Energy

Awakening Your Devine Love

Love with a Smile Ascended Masters

Touching The Power Of Love

Human Beings

Reality of Self

Message Received From Pythagoras



Coherence Awakening

Life's Adjustment

Earth Changes

Self Love Is True Attainment Part 2

Self Love Is True Attainment Part 1

Spiritual Intentions

Spiritual Courage



Sense of Humor

Man Alive It's 2005!


Love Most Powerful

Qualifications Part 4 (Love)

Qualifications Part 3 (Good Conduct)

Qualifications Part 2 (Desirelessness)

Qualifications Part 1 (Spiritual Qualifications)

Faith and Action

Giving and Receiving

Life Happens

Life's Sunshine

Life's Garden

Open the Door to 2004

Will Power




God Is My Source


Respectful Flow



Living In The Now

Blessings of Life

Power of Embracing

Silence For The Soul


Souls Integrity

Free Spirit


A Wonderful Life

Life is Sacred

Breath of Life

Emotional Flow

Chakra Meditation